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  1. DropBox "Files Can't Be Previewed" issue
  2. Arches with half size walls ?
  3. SimPE preview problem
  4. Ghost Scaring Glitch
  5. SimPE Problem! SimBrowser only shows NPC's and Townies
  6. CC Not Showing Up
  7. (Solved) Help, I removed the ''Tm'' from The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection
  8. Lots that ship with game are delete-able ?
  9. Black lines and boxes on new laptop install
  10. Shift and Control Keys not Working (in game only)
  11. Is there a safe way to resurrect base-game dead sims?
  12. Expansion pack errors
  13. Sims 2 Ultimate Collection Keeps Glitching
  14. sims 2 help (cheatcodes)
  15. Need Help with Double Deluxe
  16. Glitch UC on Windows 10
  17. Relationship & Family tie glitches: Married but still has the WANT to get Married? Father doesn't recognize his daughter as his daughter?
  18. How do I figure out which mod is crashing my game?
  19. Putting old sim neighborhood onto ultimate collection
  20. Grim Reaper added itself to household
  21. Trouble loading custom families game crash on loading lot
  22. TS2 keeps crashing, only started a few months ago
  23. Parking Lot mod problems
  24. Black lines on screen
  25. Closet Shading
  26. Hacked Coat Hook
  27. Some of my hood's pets won't eat.
  28. No option to plan outfit
  29. Error: Slot number out of range & No bone on model ...
  30. Lots keeps disappeared
  31. How do you recolor cc objects when its not recolorable?
  32. How do I change the fun advertisement of certain objects?
  33. Crashing After Loading a Neighborhood
  34. Sims 2 Head different color than body
  35. Game Crashes When Exiting to Neighborhood
  36. Blocking the kitchen door to customers at restaurants
  37. Time stops in one household
  38. Neighborhood Camera....all blue!
  39. SOLVED Perpetual Pink Sim Owned Community Lot
  40. Sims 2 UC download fail from Origin.
  41. missing tools.....
  42. ANSWERED Inteen issue or intentional part of the mod?
  43. Double Deluxe Help
  44. Sir, why are you so pixelated? (Bodyshop problem)
  45. Teeth and eyeball on arm
  46. Neighborhood Not Appearing In Main Menu
  47. empty stealth hoods
  48. Trouble Deleting Flashing Blue Fridge ; as it's the same one as the in-game fridge.
  49. Can't get the game to run in Window Mode
  50. Right edge scrolling not working?
  51. (Corruption) I moved an occupied lot to bin, but was a new family, PLEAAAAASE HELP!!! I MAY HAVE RUINED MY GAME FOREVER!!!!
  52. BodyShop picks the AGS folder instead of the usual one
  53. Television in Double Deluxe
  54. How to change the neighborhood terrain for Downtown?
  55. Adult Females Body separated at waist
  56. Need advice on installing lot (Clean installer can not be used) Solved!!
  57. User files stuck in Read-Only attribute: causing errors?
  58. Double Deluxe Nudity Blur
  59. SOLVED - 800x600 resolution problem...again
  60. Sims 2 Ultimate Collection Installation
  61. Question about Apartments
  62. Super Duper Hug - Debug?
  63. Graphics program
  64. Adult Sim in Uni lot? (and issue with lot)
  65. SOLVED 800x600 resolution, literally no matter what I do
  66. AF long simple hair mesh?
  67. CC suddenly crashing game when it hasn't before?
  68. Sims 2 game will not start up
  69. [[SOLVED]] No interaction for Toddlers, called "Talk To" .. Glitch?
  70. Custom modular stairs not showing
  71. Can you merge floors, doors and windows?
  72. Piece of roof won't go away (fixed)
  73. Is there a definitive objects.package?
  74. How can I make a hacked baby?
  75. Not solved, but gave up, lol -- Bella Goth moved in--but she's not showing up with family
  76. Is there a way to...
  77. Sims keep moving back home
  78. No try for baby option
  79. unrecognized pack [fixed for now]
  80. Didn't get inheritance after elder died of old age
  81. Pink flashing and crashes
  82. Sim Causes Crashing When Entering Any Career (Solved)
  83. Harvested produce doesn't appear in inventory
  84. Default replacement skins and untouchable NPCs
  85. Sims won't earn money or get promotions
  86. Crashing in only One Town
  87. Cannot remove censor blur mod
  88. Post Your 'Dumb' Questions here!
  89. Graphics Rules Maker DirectX 9
  90. Super-Duper Hug
  91. How to remove/melt ice?
  92. Getting SimPE to recognize CEP so I can use Photo Studio
  93. Clones appearing in University Dorm (TS2)
  94. (Solved) Bad gosub tree number error appearing whenever I want to travel to communitylot.
  95. SimPe - How can I remove "name title box" appearing above some CC?
  96. Transferring empty lot to a different neighborhood ?
  97. My game can't load at all
  98. A very unusual glitch
  99. body shop
  100. New ASUS gaming laptop, 144hz/g-sync. Sims 2 will only work if connected to external display.
  101. HELP!Corrupted sim data(?)Teen not going to school
  102. Bodyshop Crashes
  103. SimPE refuses to create a new project
  104. Sims 2 graphic rule is not working
  105. Something is wrong with my folders--no neighborhood or storytelling
  106. How CC-a-Holic simmers makes their game stable?
  107. Stay in casual wear while playing sports?
  108. How to prevent wolves from visit the lot?
  109. University Students lose their Semester Bars & get an Adult Lifespan instead
  110. Sim has disappeared from everything but family loading screen
  111. SimPE isn't finding my Neighborhood Folder correctly, freezes (Win10, Origin Sims 2 Ult Coll)
  112. Using SimPE or Simblender to Make Sim Furious at Another Sim
  113. Chris Hatch indicated he would make expansion pack work on Win 10
  114. ACR: How to lower occurrence of certain actions?
  115. Do I need to patch my (origin version of) sims 2 ultimate collection?
  116. CC files in Downloads folder modified/deleted (not by me!) after quitting game
  117. Toddler acquiring charisma points without skill object.
  118. It's patched so why?
  119. CC not showing
  120. I have every hider installed so why do the winter outfits still show up?
  121. Why would the NPC outfits be visible in Bodyshop? *SOLVED*
  122. Endless carpool drivers being generated
  123. Solved: Adult has Teen “Want” :(
  124. Two Lots Crashed After Trying to Remove Fences
  125. Lot crashes with no CC, runs with it.
  126. Freezing "not responding" whilst loading & saving lots
  127. Homecrafter template problem
  128. Sims 2 Suddenly Stopped Recognizing Dedicated Graphics Card
  129. Default skins producing customs?
  130. Default Hair not showing for wedding veils etc, "longsimple" default replacing them instead
  131. Sims Won't start up.
  132. Hood crashes
  133. Files are in download folder but aren't fully recognised by the game?
  134. Sims 2 Ultimate Collection Installation
  135. Moving currently-occupied lots but doesn't involve using the in-game tools to move them into the bin - Corrupted?
  136. Download Clothes
  137. Do I have to patch the game SOLVED
  138. Black /glitchy male sim bodies (solved)
  139. game won't start
  140. Error?
  141. cheat window won't open!
  142. Items Disappearing in Inventory?
  143. Sims not recognized as people, not able to get pregnant [resolved]
  144. Custom skintones set to default replacement not matching. (SOLVED)
  145. Some sims don't have the option to run. [Solved]
  146. Is it ok to....
  147. AnyGameStarter vs "Full" game
  148. Glitched apartment staircase that Sims can't go down - cause? Fixes?
  149. Lots disappear upon installing hood backup; adjusted roads revert back to standard
  150. Common Glitch Fixes?
  151. Does my game have SecuROM?
  152. Stuck On Vacation House Buy Mode [solved]
  153. Are the sims 2 still popular? (thinking about sharing my custom objects)
  154. How do I get rid of duplicate existing hair in CAS?
  155. How To Read Exception/Error Files?
  156. "Failed to find any Directx compatible graphics adapter"
  157. Object Error When Eating
  158. Unable to install M & G
  159. Removed CC to try resolve Nanny issue, now game wont load at all.
  160. How To Move Out Apartment Neighbors?
  161. Help!!!
  162. The Mysterious Crashing! Or, My Game Is Falling Apart Again!
  163. Where to put downloaded Colleges
  164. Sometimes a sim can't learn a life skill.
  165. I lost my sims 2
  166. Just installed Ultimate Collection on Win 10 and Problem with Females
  167. Can BO's mods CAUSE Super Duper Hug Bug?
  168. Mod Conflictings
  169. How could I get the Squinge's lecture anytime mod to work?
  170. Missing face
  171. Where is 113 Wright Way and 210 Wright Way in Pleasantview?
  172. Chris Hatch's Visit Other Sims and Walk To Other Sims mods not working.
  173. Film screen over game
  174. How do I put the flower next to the lamp and get 2 paintings on top of each other? I'm trying to make a bedroom.
  175. How do I safely move my family into a different neighborhood?
  176. Simgedoehns invisible mailbox glitch!
  177. Missing my The Sims 2 families but game crashing
  178. How do I change my sim's last name?
  179. Furniture disappeared from catalog
  180. Help with crashing game
  181. FreeTime Full Screen problem
  182. Cleaning files from game
  183. Npc
  184. [SOLVED] Error Recording Video Capture File/ How to Fix??
  185. Intel HD Graphics: No Lag on UC, Laggy on Base Game only
  186. Custom videos don't show up on TV if they are long
  187. Problem with wild child mod
  188. Need help for Troubleshooting of Sims 2 on Win 10 - GTX 1080
  189. Adopting a baby via the Tombstone
  190. MacOS Mojave and sims 2 super collection
  191. Sim portraits constantly changing along with camera angle
  192. Sims 2 on Windows 10 hangs on neighborhood loading and never loads the neighborhood
  193. Does deleting simDNA mess anything up?
  194. driveway won't place
  195. Downloaded lots/houses wont show up in game
  196. TS2 Game does not take up full screen
  197. Would anyone be willing to share a back-up of their "Collections" folder?
  198. Game Does Not Respond to Basic Commands Anymore
  199. Sims 2 Ultimate Collection
  200. Screenshots no longer save
  201. Can't sure premade Plantsim
  202. Custom Subhood not showing up
  203. Graphics Slowly Degrading in Quality
  204. Mirror/Skintone Bug?
  205. Clothing Overwriting
  206. Some custom content are displayed as Maxis content names
  207. Is the shine on these default hairs removable?
  208. Invasion of the Pleasantview townies
  209. Sims running choppy in winter
  210. CH Hospital Help (Solved)
  211. Installing Sims2 on Windows 10
  212. My sim is freezing in Create A Sim
  213. apiary
  214. CAS screen is blue, only the UI is visible. In live mode, it's the other way round
  215. HCDU is not responding anymore
  216. Custom Majors Overriding Originals On Computers But Have Unique GUIDs
  217. Help for Inteen, and other big mods?
  218. A new "sleeper" Simming machine discovered today.
  219. Unable to to edit Inn (Lodge) on Build mode.
  220. Maxis Bedding
  221. Missing expansion pack data
  222. Snapshots Disappearing from Storytelling (In-Game)
  223. Windows 10, GTX 1060 - Used Graphics Rules Maker, smooth edges still gray and game flickers.
  224. Is it possible to unselect subhood and change to another?
  225. Game is "empty"
  226. (SOLVED) Having problems with combining households
  227. On Which Graphics Card Are You Playing Without A Problem?
  228. Body Shop Blurry textures
  229. HoodChecker Tricou Family
  230. Simpliacity hair not showing up
  231. Adele's prop hack not working!
  232. CC Eyes don't show up
  233. How do I hide and disable the Maxis bathrobes so it wouldn't show up on my sims when they grow up.
  234. Can't get child sim to snuggle on the parent's lap on the couch.
  235. CAS CC crashes sims 2
  236. Why Is This Last Name Always Popping Up?
  237. [SOLVED] Freezing on Neighborhood Load Screen
  238. Paintings original image has dissapeared after moving lots
  239. CC Hair and Clothes doesn't show on body shop (not problem with meshes or missing files.)
  240. Want Slots Blank?? (Minor)
  241. Template files
  242. Sim can't walk up or down slope
  243. OBS not recording in the resolution I want
  244. How do I get the tooltip names to show up on CAS or while changing the sims' hair or outfits?
  245. Sims 2 Hair showing up as bald head
  246. are custom foods dangerous?
  247. Will my laptop die if I play The Sims 2 and record series?
  248. Sims 2 document folders on another drive?
  249. exporting a sims2pack texture as a .png file
  250. Object Error