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  1. MilkShape Plugin : Cat's Normal Smoother - smooth selection only, correct seams
  2. TESTERS WANTED: Body Mesh Joint Assignment plugin for MilkShape
  3. UniMesh Vertex/Normal Data Merge plugins addition (for MilkShape)
  4. Clothes mesh extractor automator now completed and released
  5. Maxis Hair Mesh Info Repository
  6. TESTERS WANTED: new GMDC-oriented plugins for MilkShape 1.77 and above
  7. UniMesh plugins for MilkShape (1.78 and UP), V4.09 (12-May-2007)
  8. A fix for Wings3D Exploding meshes.
  9. [Testers Wanted] Mesh Tool version 0.9.46 (updated 18th Febuary) + Tutorials