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  1. Need Online Tutorials for C# and Visual Studio.
  2. Help making double moons / twin moons, please? [RESOLVED]
  3. Nobody has yet done TS2 Styled Memories??
  4. Visual C# 2010 vs 2017.
  5. Regarding Milkshape
  6. About TSRW
  7. Replacement mesh not showing up
  8. Changing Cloud Colors [RESOLVED] - Help changing Sun color, please?
  9. Toddler not posing correctly in game
  10. SIMS 3PE/Mod for viewing what's in packages in mods folder?
  11. Triggering the right animation with RequestState
  12. Visual C# 2008 misbehaving
  13. Facial Hair help
  14. Editing career mod
  15. Chicken scripting mod!
  16. Creation of a hairstyle
  17. Is it possible to create a mod that lets children and toddlers get sick\die?
  18. Wanting to replace pet animations
  19. Tuning mod to completely disable werewolf face alterations?
  20. Move Wild Horse spawn/respawner location?
  21. Help!
  22. [HELP] Add bed features into desk
  23. edit LITE resource (solved, woops...)
  24. Mod Idea:Mermaid Home Lot
  25. Sims 4 Bentley Bentayga File convert to Sims 3 File Request. Please Help
  26. Question about what Dialog to use
  27. Using CCLoader to add books
  28. Sims 3 CC Creating tools for windows 10?
  29. Help finding the right resources - XML Tunning modding?!
  30. Why don't more modder make new recipes for this game
  31. Create Traits??
  32. How "deep" can numerical values go in tuning files?
  33. Add "Plantable" to Custom Ingredients? Add Barista Bev to Arsil's Generic Food Maker?
  34. Creating custom videogames for pc and tv as well as a custom web browsing for pc ?
  35. I faced a problem trying to create a new career
  36. How to make a new package out of an old one?
  37. Help needed for creating Sims 3 careers
  38. Linking 3x1 windows/doors with their diagonal counterparts?
  39. Question about animations please help
  40. Which files control the length of workouts
  41. Need help with Interaction
  42. Controlling Fade-out/ Adding New TSRW Parameters
  43. Sims 3 Fan letter mod
  44. How to Use Kuree's Package Viewer
  45. Animation related question
  46. Tutorial creating food TS3
  47. [Solved] Generating CAS Thumbnails?
  48. object making
  49. Mod Ideas
  50. Custom lighting in worlds that use default lighting?
  51. Changing the properties of a build mode plant
  52. Sims 4 objects converted to Sims 3 - legality? potential piracy?
  53. Other ways to write the mods
  54. Having trouble with a recipe mod
  55. Combining rabbitholes
  56. Parking lot idea - allowing Sims to rent a parking space
  57. Editing Object Shadows Question
  58. My mod is causing lags!!
  59. Help making Jazz Scripts
  60. Pose Creator
  61. Question about autonomous interactions and alarms
  62. Does Anyone Know The Specs For The TV Video Files
  63. Help with creating an object
  64. Sims 3 Mods Help!!!
  65. How to check relationships and change them!?
  66. Using S3PI (C# library) to modify .package?
  67. Placing custom moon in your world
  68. Long term player trying to understand meshing any help is appreciated!
  69. How to push an interaction?
  70. Resizing textures from .package
  71. Outfits linked to personality traits
  72. Question about interactions while diving?
  73. Adding Futuristic Service Vehicles to Lunar Lakes
  74. Help with menu interactions
  75. Question about Visual Effect
  76. Game won't recognize custom Sim interaction script
  77. Interactions are getting added multiple times
  78. help in the mod on 'visual studio'
  79. Motive gain interactions like eat, drink etc. Where are they??
  80. Musical Instruments Mod - Technical Info thread
  81. New Role NPC - How did EA assign them to the world?
  82. How to store informations in saved game
  83. Edit Gardener Service 2 mod for more active sims?
  84. Editing gameplaydata.package file directly
  85. Sim intersection flags - L-shaped stairs
  86. sims3 body's part as "overlay"
  87. online pharmacy control pills- mod or add new
  88. Life States Mod
  89. Interactions
  90. Store's Chocolate Fountain recolor?
  91. Changing residential building interactions?
  92. Plea for help with animation tweaks
  93. converting object into accessory
  94. object editing
  95. Posting on MTS
  96. Children can cast spells
  97. MilkTypes (Cow Pasture Store) objects IDs - can anyone help me with understanding?
  98. Custom Career Opportunities
  99. Flying witch Broom like Alien SpaceShip!??
  100. Script mod - Script isn't reading VFX effects
  101. New Favorite Music Category Creation possible?
  102. Body Sliders in Thin,Fit,Fat Section CAS
  103. attend "active" skill classes
  104. Vampire Run
  105. Merging scripts from different objects?
  106. Errortrap detects Stellar Show Fx Pod error
  107. Autonomous summon food
  108. PProblem with sim menu
  109. Need Help With Allowing Throw Alchemy Potion At Baby
  110. Increasing LTR between Sims in Question interaction
  111. Play with Magic spell effects modding? (SN EP)
  112. DragonSire's Doctor Who mods regenerate
  113. Tuning Files
  114. Is it Possible? (Equine Mod)
  115. Increase Slider Limit?! HELP!
  116. Upload related question.
  117. Hellpppppp My Soul Is Literally Dying Because Of This Mess. My Game Is Broke Ahhhhhh
  118. Where can I make requests?
  119. How does the game connect XML files and code?
  120. Just How Hard-Coded Is Sims 3?
  121. Creepy Music
  122. Elixir Mod Help
  123. (Extremely)Newbie modder with a newb question about script mods
  124. what happened to the older mods
  125. Medator Instance?
  126. My career doesn't work OK
  127. Question About Mod
  128. Will things made by Sims stay in a house once it is exported?
  129. Updated S3PE Link
  130. Greet simbot in CAS
  131. Adding Collectibles
  132. Change teddybear slot position
  133. Open and edit 'Audtun' files
  134. Demographics Utility and Density?
  135. TS2's graphics mods vs TS3's
  136. Lifetime Rewards Genetic
  137. This guy needs some help with his mod... [REPOST]
  138. Mirroring a pose with Blender ?
  139. New mod not working - but game recognizes the package file
  140. Is it possible to create custom Wich Spells?
  141. permanent Midis Touch
  142. Question About How To Rename Holidays In The Sims 3 Using A Mod
  143. Quick mesh edit request - futurebarsignep11
  144. Creation Help - Lovecraftian
  145. Replace animation of an object
  146. Tutorial to make an Object with custom animation
  147. Autonomous coffee
  148. Groom service (to care for horses)
  149. Sims 3: Tesla - Supercharger
  150. Clone an Ice Cream Cone
  151. Script error - How do I fix this?
  152. Sims 3 Big Sister Challenge
  153. Editing store items so they work on community lots?
  154. Fruit and Veggies Stand remake
  155. Need help with adding custom fish.
  156. Uniform for school.
  157. How would I convert an item from TSM to TS3?
  158. Functional ice cream truck in community lots
  159. Porting vehicles from other games into Sims 3?
  160. MODS/CC folder?
  161. More than 8 Sims in a household with a tuning mod?
  162. Anyone interested in a toy mod?
  163. Expansion Pack GameplayData Location?
  164. Tomb Building - Adding New Triggers
  165. Trying to find this particular mod.
  166. Creating floor cutout that hides floor edges
  167. How to go about making a mod that changes pronouns
  168. Is there a mod to remove the sim location beacon?
  169. Partially editing an XML?
  170. Custom video for tv shows, video games, and renaming
  171. Is it possible to create a pose to use with the pose player for the dragons of Dragon Valley ?
  172. Is it possible to make the voice pitch go pass the limit in TS3?
  173. Placing an object on residential lots
  174. Really wanting to learn to mod
  175. Adjusting Longjohns and PJ pants.
  176. How do I make actions available while scuba diving?
  177. Adding effects to existing moodlets
  178. I've got a custom object animation to work, now need it to loop...
  179. Loading Clip files?
  180. Custom script or add an interaction?
  181. How Do I Add a NGMP Resource To a Package?
  182. Help with Making my New and Custom Core Mod
  183. Adding a cost to interactions
  184. Add teens to SimFinder app.
  185. Creating a New Major? (University Life)
  186. Object Count VS Object Complexity
  187. Sims 4 to Sims 3 Animation Conversion?
  188. Save mermaids
  189. How do I place a "button" in a game notification?
  190. Create-A-Sim Face Template Replacement?
  191. Script to override default backpack prop
  192. Help needed in fixing CC 'D&M_ElvenBed'
  193. Animated beds a certain way?
  194. Ideas for a tuner mod, anyone?
  195. Objects with multiple geostates
  196. Vivec City Cantons
  197. SocialData XML: limiting interaction to males or females?
  198. Help with car rigs/joints
  199. Quality of textures on tea set from Old Miller Tea Time Store Set
  200. Sims 3 Belladonna Cove Statue
  201. How to duplicate an existing interaction and add as autonomous action to same object
  202. Project Wardrobe (MOD)
  203. Sexmod
  204. Is it possible? (Having pets swim in non pools)
  205. How to check if a Sim owns addotional properties
  206. Where can I find Fireflies animation effects
  207. The Sims Medieval Content Compatibility with TS3
  208. BIG PROJECT: Let's Recategorize the Sims 3 Catalog! Build Buy Overhaul! (FEEDBACK WANTED)
  209. Tweeking jobmods
  210. Sims 3 Rapper career mod (can someone write the sims 2 mod rapper career and rap star on sims 3 to)
  211. Tweeking a sunrise/set mod
  212. Tattoo edit.
  213. looking for a way to make parts of a sim invisible
  214. Rubber ducky disappears when bathing
  215. How to change value in XML?
  216. Would this mod be a core mod or a pure script mod for a mod requiring action variety in Sims?
  217. Tutorial: How to make a default replacement!
  218. Sunshadow in Blender
  219. Modding tutorials for absolute beginners?
  220. How do you add custom poses and/or different facial expressions for custom Magic gnome?
  221. Making functional perfume
  222. How to disable the 'resize room' tool in build mode? Causes lag
  223. Modding/Creating New Holidays
  224. University Mascot Dance
  225. Making things recolorable - which resources do I need?
  226. Sims3 Unhashed STBL
  227. No weight loss for swimming (solved)
  228. Bartending animations - no more acrobatics
  229. Granthes' OMSPs become visible after resets - possible to fix this behaviour?
  230. Looking for Help Making a Field Trip Mod, Please
  231. Sims can't watch TV, nor intereact with it, and also can't buy them(SIMS3)
  232. IMAG resources request (solved)
  233. Book Mod Question
  234. Default override preset icons not updating
  235. Where to Upload Simlish Fonts
  236. Who knows how to make Mod :!: ideas
  237. Improved meal quality on a stove
  238. Skill Decay mod
  239. S3PE Adding in Shiftability
  240. Getting started? (Quick questions)
  241. s3pe - error reading resource
  242. Adding a 'broken' mesh through a script mod and animated snow
  243. Default Replacement for France Train (Adding new self-illumination channels/completely replacing object)?
  244. Vending machine mod
  245. About a Potty Chair
  246. s3pe Error - "The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process."
  247. Career Mods
  248. Forcing dithering?
  249. Increasing cubemap detail?
  250. Disable Expansion Pack Features with a Tuning Mod Without Uninstalling