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  1. Maid only shows up once?
  2. None of normal CC folders when doing clean install through origin on new computer
  3. Bonehilda wanders off!
  4. Sim Won't Age Up + Sliders Are Zeroed
  5. Save files in sims 3 got corrupted
  6. Help! Resource.cfg won't let game load!
  7. Moving wall paintings up and down wall
  8. Crashes from Low Memory in Nixilis's Barcelona World
  9. how to download object into CAW
  10. Unofficial Game Modification
  11. Invisible clothes but no custom content
  12. 2 sharp edges appear on the ground (cross posted)
  13. Missing sim portrait and being unselectable (SOLVED)
  14. Food Truck disappears
  15. Save-passing playthrough - random long freezes
  16. How do you Reset a Save File?
  17. Game freezes but doesn't crash (?)
  18. Game Cannot Find Graphics Card
  19. CC and other disappearing, video still recording dark
  20. No Elixirs for you!
  21. The SIMs 3 GPU Addon Support Executable
  22. Cannot attend school awards ceremony
  23. Can you convert Sims from Sims 2 into 3?
  24. Roof color and build lock on multiple lots
  25. Roof color and build lock on multiple lots
  26. Error message every time installing custom world in launcher
  27. sims legs crossing/intertwining
  28. sims icon completely gone
  29. sims 3 wont launch no matter what i do
  30. School day ends at 5 pm?!
  31. Installed household not appearing in household bin
  32. Crashing and now it won't read my installed worlds file.
  33. Export Failed problem
  34. An enquiry,Please fill me in the required Info.
  35. Revert .package files
  36. Gamedata - Shared - Packages - Which do I have to edit?
  37. Solved: Vague installation instructions for No (or fewer) automatic memories utility
  38. Bridgeport Glitch - Vampires turned into humans, names changed?
  39. High Rise Problems
  40. Where's my make-up?
  41. Can you make a collection file outside the game?
  42. Sims not giving birth.
  43. Buggy Architect jobs on houseboats
  44. Get rid of bad outfit in CAS
  45. Sim in cas resets every time i go to tattoos !!!
  46. Instillation Failed
  47. All hair available in all categories? [RESOLVED]
  48. Mermaid's dad looks like his daughter in mer-form
  49. How to resize custom eyes?
  50. NRAAS Story Progression help needed
  51. S3PE - suddenly it's giving me garbage instead of Icons or XMLs....
  52. Stuck in edit town's loading screen
  53. Uninvited party guests
  54. pets causing crashes
  55. Soleved:Orign can’t update.
  56. Non-poselist compatible poses?
  57. What kind of computer?
  58. Installing games with already-redeemed codes
  59. Sliders not working, and changes not sticking
  60. Queen Hatshepsut's Temple Snow Crash
  61. Custom lot not showing up in game /Solved/
  62. No Custom Content Appearing in Super CAW Metadata - Version 1.69
  63. Converted Patterns Not Displaying Correctly
  64. Some spots on the ground are unclickable (possibly due to invisible objects?)
  65. experienced Zerbu Ultimate users help? "Come back in 1 day 1 hour!"
  66. Issue with sliders making Sims shake?
  67. Nraas Dresser - Random Outfits
  68. I forgot how to change world type :S
  69. Downloads at Social Sims? (Trying to delete, reposted in WCIF)
  70. Help:Two simultaneous animations are deviated of time in Sims3.
  71. Woohooer NRaas Error, with dog pregnancy
  72. I have a question about apartment and apartment mod.
  73. Sims 3 crashes on startup after launcher
  74. Game crashes completely at random
  75. A cheat or mod to split household
  76. Sims 3 philosopher's stone bug and sim inventory bug
  77. (Solved.) Can’t buy from web page - game won’t load
  78. "Transmorgifier" and Uncharted Islands Questions (WRONG SECTION)
  79. FPS really high no matter what I do? (Already using 3booter, FPS Limiter, Nvidia inspector)
  80. KILL ME NOW: Infinite Loading In Edit Town/EIG/CAW
  81. Game freezes every five seconds, can't play
  82. Question about including custom content in lots
  83. The Strange Bathtime Glitch of an Elder Sim.
  84. mod and cc "expiration date" (In general) of script, xml, cc, texture... etc.
  85. Store content jacket does not exist according to the .sim file
  86. Install game from disk WITHOUT Origin
  87. Game Freezes When I Try to Move Household In
  88. Force cancel interaction without displacing Sim
  89. Riverview in limbo? Can't uninstall or install [SOLVED]
  90. Can't get out of fullscreen
  91. Game Crashes on my existing worlds but not on new ones.
  92. How do I save a neighborhood/town as default?
  93. Change Lot Type in the Lot Bin
  94. Sims 3 Stops working, I don't know why.
  95. Premade Sims gone
  96. Game gets stuck trying to return to "Edit Town mode"
  97. Problem Proprietors
  98. Cant ask sims to join band etc.
  99. nraas story progression not allowing game to load
  100. All my aliens suddenly have regular eyes!
  101. How to have better skins - just barely starting to play TS3?
  102. Which files can you delete
  103. Unwanted Spawns?
  104. Default Replacement Eyes Show up in CAS - But Not In-Game
  105. Game Crashing Due to Unknown CC
  106. When playing Sims 3 on Windows 10, which one is Home or Pro?
  107. Really badly need to get past the load game error and recover my saved game
  108. Is there a plugin to input and output to WSO(Sims3) with Blender only?
  109. Issue with trying to place diving areas in Moonlight Falls
  110. Weird orbs I cant get rid of won't let me edit rooms
  111. Rehire a butler you've had before/pick a butler?
  112. Sims 3 Launcher won't download .sims3packs and I cannot start my game
  113. Please Help! Last Exception :(
  114. CAS character is loading along with hair and makeup, but not the clothes
  115. Need to remove a Buckhorn bush that was placed over a lot in Edit Town mode, WITHOUT moving the lot to another area and then putting it back
  116. Merge .dbc files
  117. Mixed UI and crazy autonomy on first university day
  118. Custom sims not showing in bin, are in folder
  119. Removed CC for a test, put them back, game acts like they're not there.
  120. Process Monitor and certain packages
  121. Where are the in-game fonts and how to edit them?
  122. How to View Custom Content Used on a Sim?
  123. [Solved] Triplets not aging at the same time
  124. Conflicted packages
  125. How do i separate sets downloaded from TS3 Store
  126. Lot Won't Install; 0 Bytes?
  127. New Career
  128. Store content getting replaced on shared lots
  129. CCMagic Question Regarding Mods Content
  130. Sledgehammer Glitch
  131. How do you get the bigger buy mode panel when in categories mode
  132. Help please! My sims game keeps closing!
  133. Problem with Downloads folder, vanishing sims3packs
  134. Game using only 2,5 GB memory and still getting Error Code 12
  135. Nraas Traffic to force career vehicles
  136. How long NRAAS Master Controller reset your the town?
  137. Can not turn of aging or change lifespan Solved
  138. CC not working on Windows 10
  139. How can I Reduce my Game's Memory usage?
  140. How to save an stuck NPC in apartment's NPC unit?
  141. invisible outfits + .sims3pack wont install because of required software updates?
  142. Sims University not loading (black screen)
  143. Can't copy and replicate the Tragic Clown's outfit that comes with the Origin of the Tragic Clown Alchemy elixir
  144. Bed Glitch
  145. Stuck on the toilet!
  146. Split Household Glitch
  147. Blank start - Help
  148. using save file after editing in caw [solved-please delete]
  149. Auto-Attaching Content from this Website
  150. Need help to ensure that my Sim recovers a copy of a book that she wrote
  151. How do I disable telemetry checkbox on w10?
  152. Job performance continues to disappear
  153. Screen Tear Where None Before
  154. Help Screen Messed Up!
  155. Will macOS update 10.14.2 break my game ?
  156. How to limit the Sims 3 FPS to any amount?
  157. Festival Lot Issue - All Seasons spawning at once?
  158. FullBuild_p19.package
  159. Expansion Pack Issue
  160. Question about exporting lots with Sim made content inside
  161. Coding for HQ Mod
  162. Main menu savegame thumb empty
  163. [FIXED] Routing(?) Issue appeared on lot out of nowhere
  164. Trouble installing and running game from alternate drive
  165. Recipe books & Harvestables not loading in Game S3
  166. game keeps crashing in certain save
  167. Newbie Using CAW/Crashes/Can't export
  168. Lags and freezes in Isla Paradiso
  169. Strange thumbnail glitch
  170. Game adding sims to my household without my "permission."
  171. Certain deceased Sims throw errors once everyday at 12:00 PM
  172. Having issues with collecting every gem
  173. Save Cleaner: Which version do I use for 1.67? [ Solved with workaround]
  174. Issues with advancing from having 4 celebrity stars to reaching 5 celebrity stars
  175. Pack doesn't ask for key before installation
  176. Finding and deleting cc left from downloaded sims
  177. How to stop Sim autonomy?
  178. Moodlets in the Future?
  179. Need to disable public disgrace from detonating objects or stop relationships with friends from being affected by public disgrace
  180. Installed Showtime from Disc, but Launcher says it's not there [solved]
  181. Game detecting sliders weirdly?
  182. Saves randomly disappear?
  183. How to fix a wall so that it appears in game
  184. Ramdisk issue (error 5 acces denied) on win 10 (Solved)
  185. Sims not going to work!
  186. what's wrong with my custom content?
  187. Delphy's Multi-Pack Installer doesn't see sims3packs???
  188. Does the Hospital Overhaul mod work until this day
  189. Sim 3 Launcher Uploading When Game is Shut Off
  190. Sims 3 Store items not showing up in the game
  191. Ugly roof cutout issue
  192. Can .DBC files be put in the mods/packages folder?
  193. Can't open the game and install store items
  194. Making a hood deco object slightly higher
  195. Changing location of EA/TheSims3 folder
  196. Can't send more than one sim on vacation at once
  197. Posting selfies on blog
  198. Dreampod Glitch - Unusable !!!
  199. Sims 3 apartments, can't make NPC doors.
  200. How do I install sims3packs (specifically, worlds & hair) without the Launcher? (SOLVED)
  201. Sims 3 black screen Windows 10
  202. Uni Glitch? No more diplomas?
  203. How do I limit my game to 30fps? [SOLVED!]
  204. Midas Touch Golden Texture and Hex Code for Buy Mode Objects in The Sims 3
  205. I want to banish a few things to the shadow realm
  206. What do these Script Errors mean?
  207. Question regarding Share Memories Messages
  208. CC Unistalling itself in Launcher
  209. Question Regarding a Folder Within The Game
  210. Only simspacks works,.package files (including no intro) will not work
  211. How do I set up CCMagic and Save Cleaner?
  212. Is it possible to change Ages in Package files?
  213. Not being able to access various bits and pieces scattered across the pre-made worlds
  214. Extracting CC from game/DCCache
  215. CAS Pure Black Skin
  216. My toddlers can't learn skills (mostly solved)
  217. Certain Ghost Types and Hair
  218. Crashing issue- Encountered an error
  219. Building on Houseboat
  220. Good Laptop for Sims 3?
  221. Issue with traces of deleted cc in my game?
  222. Can't make changes to the options
  223. Base skintones
  224. Need help with fixing my saved game
  225. "Enable Aging" disabled against my will
  226. Need help with rebuilding the roof for Impeccable Menor
  227. Game freezing at 2 am sim time [SOLVED]
  228. Can someone tell me what is causing my game to crash by looking at the crash log?
  229. Items from the store are replaced
  230. Latest Software Update...
  231. Game crashes when loading a family
  232. Everything disappeared!
  233. Save files for populating a world isnt showing up?
  234. Corrupt save crash
  235. The Sims 3 crashing after an hour or two
  236. Error code 12 related to mod
  237. The Sims 3 has stopped working Error. Please help!!! :(
  238. I accidentally deleted the userPresets package file
  239. Problem with a MOD help needed.
  240. What laptop can run sims 3 and all the expansion packs and sims 2 and all expsansion packs?
  241. Can I merge package files together that contain different types of custom content?
  242. problem with CAS occults when loading a new game
  243. Is there a way to re-categorize downloaded patterns?
  244. Vanilla install, launcher doesn't work when patched to 1.67
  245. NPC Roommate Sims keep leaving/coming back
  246. How to stop WA opportunities for work and skills.
  247. When hosting a party, most sims just stand outside the front door.
  248. *SOLVED* Cant remove CC
  249. Uninstalling items on sims