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  1. Tutorial: Using CFE to Merge Two Fences into One
  2. Tutorial: Building a Simple Suspension Bridge
  3. Tutorial: How to Make a Ceiling with Open Beams
  4. Tutorial: Using CFE to Edge Your Roof
  5. Tutorial: An Alternative Mansard Roof
  6. Tutorial: Using the Foundation Tool to Merge Two Fences into One
  7. [Tutorial] Gable Roof Beams
  8. [Tutorial] How to make hidden island
  9. [Tutorial] How to build a house floating in the sky
  10. (Tutorial) How to build a pool on a Foundation
  11. [Tutorial] Using Create-A-Style on floor tile edges
  12. [Tutorial] Basements and Foundations with Pictures
  13. Cottage and Bungalow Roof Tutorial - for Dormers, Attics and a bit of Split-leveling too!
  14. Tutorial: Create-a-style tool, what it is and why to use it?
  15. Banish Those Pesky Floaty Triangles! (Mini (Tip)Torial)
  16. CFE Tiptorial - a set of CFE videos
  17. Tutorial - Guide to Basic and Advanced Wall-Curving
  18. Real Vaulted Ceilings Tutorial - updated with peaked roof tut
  19. Building a cover over your swimming pool
  20. Tutorial: How to landscape in Sims 3? (contains a link to videos)
  21. [Tutorial] Building Custom Apartments
  22. Above Ground Aquarium Using the Fog Emitter - by missroxor
  23. Tutorial - Retaining Walls
  24. Tutorial - Split Level Stairs on a Foundation.
  25. Tutorial: How to attach a garage to a home on a slope in TS3- DaveyDaVinci style.
  26. Buld Tutorial: Motion-detecting lights and Special Effects(WA Required)
  27. Creating Sloped Driveways
  28. Necessitorial - Overcoming Auto-roof
  29. Necessitorial - Basements and all their goodies!
  30. Acrostacking Objects in "The Sims 3"
  31. Geoblending in "The Sims 3"
  32. TS3 Nine livable levels (illusion) (updated to 15 levels)
  33. TS3 Greenhouse (and custom roofing) tutorial
  34. Correct Pool Windows - Even After Reloading
  35. [Tutorial] Split levelling 4-level house without warped walls
  36. [Tutorial] Bridges in The Sims 3
  37. [Tutorial] Split Level on the Second Story
  38. [Tutorial] Split-level stairs – Quick walkthrough
  39. Tutorial: How to build a multi split level home (eqivalent to 8 clicks)
  40. TS3 Circular Stairway Tutorial
  41. [Tutorial]Building an Aquarium Pond
  42. [Tutorial] How to build a pool in a lake
  43. [Tutorial]-How to build a specific lot type, where to have a party and why it matters
  44. Tutorial - How to Create Split Levels With and Without Warped Walls - Video Now Available, July 4th
  45. [Tutorial] Creating a sunken room with floor-to-ceiling windows
  46. Tutorial- How to make pools of different depths
  47. Tutorial - How to create a basic roof with different slope angles
  48. [Totorial] the way i build half walls and folded stairs in modern houses