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  1. Super CAW special effects library world file + CAW files included
  2. City wall asian
  3. [Heightmap] Crescent/Half moon heightmap
  4. A step-by-step guide to importing roads into CAW ???
  5. Sims 3 EP and Store World Weather Packages, This gives your worlds custom weather, flythroughs, etc.
  6. Island Paradise Crosswalk?
  7. Lucky Palms' distant terrain doesn't show up in CAW
  8. Witcher 2 Terrain
  9. Cawster
  10. How to edit basic game Sunset Valley?
  11. Caw Resources - WA Lighted Bridge Recolor
  12. Airport stuff
  13. TS3CAW ERROR Fix!!!!!
  14. Procedural Terrain for CAW
  15. Looking for some Effects used in University Town
  16. Searching for fence from WA
  17. Resources all worlds: textures, heightmaps, DT, INI & colour ramps
  18. Sidewalk-less Highway Road Textures
  19. Midnight Hollow Textures, Roads, Height Map, Ini, Color Ramps, & Config
  20. Stuff by Monsoon
  21. WA China Wall Great recolor
  22. Can't find the WA china walls [Founded]
  23. Dragon Valley Textures, Roads, Height Map, INI & Color Ramps
  24. Box junction
  25. missy's CAW Stuff, roads & terrain. UPDATE: No road detail added
  26. Caw Defogger ini Override
  27. University Textures, ini, Color Ramps, & Height Map
  28. Aurora Skies Textures, ini & Color Ramps, & Height Map
  29. Starlight Shores Distant Terrain, Height Map, Textures, ini & Color Ramps
  30. [CAW] Road Textures by Elmigo (v2.1 - latest - link updated 29-07-2015)
  31. CAW - World, Height Map, Textures, And More **Sharing Thread**
  32. Monte Vista Textures, Roads, Height Map, ini & Colour Ramps
  33. Autosoils: University Added.....Showtime ,Supernatural & Seasons Caw Enabled...
  34. Supernatural moon phases files.
  35. Moonlight Falls: textures, road, HeightMaps
  36. Sunlit Tides: textures, road, HeightMaps
  37. Lucky Palms: Textures, Roads, & Height Map
  38. Assorted Retaining Walls & small walls for download
  39. Apocalyptic/destroyed terrain paints
  40. Starlight Shores CAW files
  41. Lunar Lakes Pipes, Crystals, Distant Terrain, +Height Map - Updated
  42. Lunar Lakes Roads
  43. Lunar Lakes Terrains
  44. Garden Plant Autosoil Spawners enabled for use in Create A World
  45. Residential Lot Sizes/Prices/Names (And some community)
  46. Sharing your CAW Resources
  47. Fountains for CAW - Updated
  48. Twinbrook terrains
  49. Twinbrook streets
  50. Hidden Springs streets
  51. Hidden Springs terrains
  52. Bridgeport streets
  53. Bridgeport terrains
  54. Appaloosa Plains streets
  55. Appaloosa Plains terrains
  56. All World Adventures roads
  57. All World Adventures terrains
  58. Sculptures & Junkpiles for CAW
  59. Two Masted Sailboat for CAW
  60. Minor Pet Spawners for CAW
  61. Custom Moon Overrides
  62. CAW-Enabled Desert Plants (Porkypine's Macarossi Conversions)
  63. Sims 3 Pets: Fences Enabled for World Creation
  64. Batch file to easily open EIG
  65. Over 150 In-Game Objects enabled for World Creation - Testing
  66. Ox Cart and Oxen
  67. Dutch Windmill
  68. Moar terrainpaints
  69. Ox and Oxen, Horses and Wagon for use in CAW
  70. Rowboat and Dock, Rowboat on a Rope used in CAW
  71. CAW Criquette's Airport from Sims 2 converted to Sims 3 with Extras
  72. missed issue
  73. CAW Mix and Match "Bridge" that gap
  74. Mountain Brushes for Photoshop
  75. CAW Criquette's Ocean Liner from Sims 2 converted to Sims 3
  76. CAW Criquette's Ferry from Sims 2 converted to Sims 3 with Cars
  77. Industrial Chimney Unit for CAW
  78. Road Signs for CAW with Ambitions
  79. CAW Textures
  80. Heightmap Sharing Thread
  81. Caw Object Image Recolors Share Thread......Post Yours Here
  82. Simple but useful recolours of EA terrainpaints
  83. To Test: Various In-Game Objects enabled for World Creation NEW: Showtime Items
  84. CAW Plants Cheat Sheet (Pic Heavy!)
  85. France heightmap/terrain layer files, france_lite_x
  86. Custom Distant City Terrain
  87. Matching Sidewalk Tiles: terrain paints and texture files for download :)
  88. CaW custom road textures. snow, zebra crossing and more!
  89. Create-A-World Textures Megapack