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  1. Is it safe to default-replace rabbit holes with script / DLL edits?
  2. High LOD texture issue, no issue for lower LOD?
  3. Gift Giving Pile Weights
  4. Having trouble with s3oc
  5. Custom Window partially disappears at certain angles?
  6. Unable to export as .s3m2b / custom Window tutorial?
  7. Base object for Void Critter Station
  8. Modifying UNI bonfire?
  9. Texturing/Rendering issues in Live Mode?
  10. Texture assignment issue with converting TS2 object for use in TS3
  11. Old VW Bug
  12. Recoloring existing objects
  13. Object turns black in-game (+ mask problem?)
  14. About categorizing objects in TSRW
  15. Associating buffs with already existing objects
  16. Help with mirror rendering, please? [RESOLVED]
  17. one object has two different UV
  18. Cant get my firepit to work as a barbeque?
  19. Making Custom Magic Gnome - Getting rid of EA's poses?
  20. Part of mesh invisible in game
  21. Recreating Scrapped Space Simulator?
  22. rabbit hole request / enquiry
  23. Some crap to do with porting some models from TS2 to TS3
  24. Editing strings for car CC
  25. Making a tricycle/big wheel decor object actually function for toddlers.
  26. My custom rowboat has water inside; help, please?
  27. Make Rocking chair lower toddler energy faster?
  28. Removing geostates?
  29. Modifying rabbithole: stadium + big show venue
  30. My object disappears while in use....... lol Solved!
  31. Move bed(mattress)to the ground
  32. Pet goes INSIDE pet bed instead of ON
  33. Needed: Handheld Object Positioning Info/Help
  34. How to make a transparent object (more) refractive?
  35. Blender bakes parts of multiplier too dark
  36. Converting Sims 4 world Objects To CAW
  37. Adding/Editing Slots on Surfaces
  38. Making an already exsisting object into a default replacement...
  39. Cats able to sleep on any large slot
  40. Importing Effect Slots into an Object?
  41. Mirrors Reflecting the Frame
  42. Is there a tutorial with descriptions of Shaders/Parameters
  43. My Dresser's animations are possessed; help, please?
  44. Removing Fire Pit charred state overlay? [RESOLVED]
  45. Adding Shine/Reflection to Glass Fence?
  46. Made a custom Genie lamp, but can't interact -- help, please?
  47. Creating a completely new overlay for an object that doesn't have one:
  48. Tiling in S3PE -- For CAS? [Resolved]
  49. How to remove eyes from a lantern? (Solved)
  50. What to do after UV Mapping and how to get the object in game (workflow)?
  51. Accessible Highchairs For The Sims 3
  52. Backface culling, and lighting issues
  53. Creating martial arts items that can be autonomously used in Sunset Valley.
  54. Running into problems trying to remove shininess (need help editing specular)
  55. Can't find meshes for Generations Imaginary Friend cookies
  56. Conversion Reqest
  57. How to disable decor slot, please?
  58. SOLVED 2t3 conversion - multiple TXTRs
  59. Adding Interaction for Pet Bowls
  60. Replacement custom contents
  61. How to enable an item for placing in personal inventory?
  62. TS3: How to recolor a blanket made by someone else?
  63. Fence dimensions are right, but appear wrong - Help!
  64. TS3 Premium Content : how to export the mesh?
  65. Messed up textures
  66. Helicopter as an Object
  67. Fixing a Painting
  68. [Solved] Making an unrecolorable object recolorable
  69. Does anyone know if there is SIM3 making counter tutorial?
  70. extracting installed sims3pack
  71. TSRW Import UV Broken?
  72. How do I edit the size of an already existing object mod?
  73. Stop Lunar Lakes dome from disappearing when inside? (Solved)
  74. How to change an object from increasing fun to merely removing stress?
  75. Converting MMD objects to Sims 3 formats?
  76. Ehh, beginner's problems..
  77. Resizing a fence
  78. Objects Appear Black
  79. Historical conversion | Minoan
  80. Clone an Ice Cream Cone
  81. Turning a Loveseat into a Sofa?
  82. Cloning Stadium Sign in TSRW?
  83. Glowing Object Fix?
  84. How do I remove the visual effects for a HoverBoard clone Magic Carpet?
  85. A little question about creating a lamp. Possible bug in S3pe ?
  86. milkshape 3D crashes when checking draw vertices with bones
  87. Can't find the gemstones in S3OC/Problem with making a statue
  88. TSRW- Removing Levels of Detail?
  89. Possible to tweak, adjust, replace effect animations for fog emitter and objects?
  90. bug import meshes
  91. Make the Showtime Fog Emitter Crowd Brighter?????????
  92. Vampire Meals
  93. Custom Animation with Prop for New Scripted Object
  94. help request
  95. Making a recolour for a painting which has no recolour options...
  96. Wrong EP identified when cloning with TSRW
  97. Conversions? [Solved]
  98. Help making Magic Mirrors (Supernatural), please? [RESOLVED]
  99. How to add a geostate as a regular mesh?
  100. holographic plant?!
  101. Increasing specularity on CAStable rabbit holes?
  102. Catalogue Organisation EDIT: Updated Build Sorting Info. Next up: Stage setup. Can anyone answer any of my questions?
  103. Messed-up UV mapping in Exported Model?
  104. Video Tutorial: Custom Snack using CCLoader
  105. Help with Transparency Issue in Game
  106. Recovering missing presets/thumbnails for some paintings
  107. How to convert a CAW package file to a package showing in game ?
  108. Strange Shadowing + Missing Transparencies?
  109. How can I 'open up' a outfit to show some chest
  110. Fences Greyed Out In TSRW (Cannot Clone)
  111. PLEASE HELP with Getting Rid of Pattern/Transparency Issues
  112. What's causing gap in texture? [SOLVED]
  113. OBJ Miscoloration?
  114. Replace Image of LED Sign
  115. How do I make default replacement object to be non-default?
  116. Window frame disappears when camera angle is lowered. How to fix?
  117. How Do I Change what an object can do?
  118. How do I remove the grey from the edges of my image?
  119. Non-interactive plants that change with the seasons
  120. Creating new objects for Sims 3 with Blender, what else do I need to start?
  121. How do I Create a Custom recipe based off pancakes using CCloader
  122. 3rd MLOD (or group)
  123. Modding the Blackjack / Poker Table?
  124. Car Making Help
  125. [Request] Mrs Stingley's Beekeeping Box
  126. Turning a large arch way into a full set of windows and doors help!
  127. Bones in fingers messed up
  128. S3OC Found No Packages / Game Folders settings box problem
  129. Changing the hunger rating of a stove with S3PE
  130. Custom Recipe with CCLoader
  131. "Export to .s3m2b" option not available
  132. Replacing default cars in The Sims 3
  133. Functioning Object halp
  134. Custom Plants
  135. The google machine failed me-Fencing
  136. Creating new wall
  137. A mural that doesn't wish to exist!
  138. How big can I make an object?
  139. texture without recoloring option/converting from Sims 2
  140. How to create something absolutely brand new
  141. What Is the Flag? (DeltaBuild2)
  142. Trouble getting anything into Blender
  143. Creating Terrain Paint for In-Game Use
  144. Non-default recolors of trees, please?
  145. S3oc And Mac
  146. Borked the Computer Screen Mesh Badly; oh noes!
  147. How to change the slots of a harvestable plant?
  148. Moving Vehicle Seating - Rig / Slot editing
  149. delete "effects" from objects?
  150. Removing functions from objects (total beginner question)
  151. Trouble creating custom painting/posters
  152. Problem with floor mirror reflection
  153. Modifying the Billboard Holographic
  154. Custom CAS Backdrop -- Multiple UV & Textures in one object?
  155. Joints for digital clock
  156. Problems with texturing walls.
  157. Problem with door wallmasks
  158. Rabbit Holes Into Rugs
  159. About nudity in paintings - Do I respect the Guidelines ?
  160. Tutorial for turning a mesh into a functional object?
  161. Creating multiple, (almost) duplicate packages
  162. Batman and Flash Mask Creation
  163. [solved] recolor problem - how to make trees non default replacement
  164. Crib slots problem.
  165. Roof recoloring in TS3: how do I?
  166. Quick Question - Proper UV Unwapping
  167. How to create a custom plant?
  168. Help With S3pe
  169. changing rabbit hole types?
  170. Editing footprint of a door - FTPT & VPXY questions
  171. Fixing other creator's creation
  172. Texture Tweaker Tool Error?
  173. What's a good pen tablet?
  174. Converting Sims 3 Walls to Sims Medieval
  175. Recoloring Another Creator's Object? SOLVED
  176. Weird shadow
  177. Editing/deleting presets with S3PE
  178. GIMP Users? Trying to install DDS plugin.
  179. Making wallpaper castable?
  180. DDS plug-in problems
  181. Idea for Japanese household objects
  182. Object cant be placed on top of things - help?
  183. To be or not to be that what the vehicle ask
  184. How to import .mesh files into Milkshape (or another program)?
  185. Creating new book covers
  186. Is there a system size required?
  187. Books working as an actual bookshelf?
  188. can't make curtains shift down
  189. How to make guitar; alignment issues, please?
  190. Question about making wall art.
  191. Making a mirror??
  192. Clothing into an object
  193. Custom Collectables
  194. Broken Animation, Unwanted Effects, Light Issues
  195. Creating CAStable pool lights
  196. Strange highlights and wonky shaped low poly mesh/shadows.
  197. how to assign existing animations
  198. What is going on with my cabinets?
  199. Trying to create CC and getting bug when I try to import blender
  200. Exported TSRW project not showing up in game
  201. Error, Custom content.
  202. footprints and slots
  203. Sketchup model to Sims 3
  204. Sims 3 trouble creating object
  205. Having difficulty finding object to clone..
  206. Mesh Visibility Issues
  207. How do I make a horse go through a door?
  208. TS3 Easy object animation tutorial
  209. Making objects work in conjunction with each other?
  210. Weird animation result from door
  211. Help changing the colors on an object?
  212. Creating a Double stroller
  213. How can I add a custom thumbnail to my collection files?
  214. How to make Debug Object Buyable (Solved)
  215. Removing activity lights on a cloned PC?
  216. HELP!!! How To Make Non-Default Bottle A Default Replacement?
  217. Shower curtain assistance please
  218. Adding texture to custom object
  219. Alien Pedestal from ITF/ITTF
  220. Lines on texture in game
  221. Transparency Issue
  222. Changing nondefault umbrella to default
  223. Recoloring birds in effects for use in CAW
  224. request: Scottish broadsword(s), muskets, and cannon
  225. TSRW error on open object package
  226. Sims 3 Source Filmmaker export?
  227. Strange artifacts in texture
  228. How do I add custom pictures to the ITF wall projections and the holographic plants?
  229. Repositioning Highchair Animations
  230. speculars psp x6
  231. UNI burning trashcan as a stand-alone object?
  232. How to make one part of an object to be transparent
  233. Preset oddity - how would I fix this?
  234. Working on a new shower tub combo
  235. RP's Lil' Thread of Problems
  236. UVmap in TSRW Showing differently then in 3DSM
  237. Recoloring non-recolorable object
  238. HELP! Changing routing slot makes my bed invisible in game
  239. Problem with overriding
  240. Converting EA 1 tile windows & doors to 2 tiles
  241. Recoloring an object with no coloring options?
  242. [Solved] Vertexdeclaration error when converting objects
  243. Textures Showing Up Wrong
  244. Non-default tree recolor
  245. Single Arch Doorway - Diagonal
  246. weird shadow on object
  247. How to make an animated object ?
  248. Fixing the Gen treehouse Sun shadows
  249. where to find textures
  250. alternative process in object creation