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  1. CAS edit Sim brings up Wrong Sim and Will Not Edit
  2. The Sims 4's Not-So-Subtle Insertion of Their Doomsday Wish With Each New Expansion, Stuff, and Game Pack
  3. Island Living Mermaids...what am I doing wrong?
  4. How do you extract death stings from The Sims 4?
  5. Matrix54 Explores The Sims 4
  6. I've found some random guys toy box!
  7. Is it possible to find a dead sims traits?
  8. Death of Goldilockssims
  9. Mccc Mod Error
  10. Sorry Im a little lost, why can't I download the mod?
  11. Simulating Menopause/Infertility for ALL femaie Sims
  12. Sims 4 New Style Discussion
  13. The Sims 4 Makes another political statement
  14. UI Mod Change Coming in Next Few Days
  15. Saving custom holidays?
  16. What inspiring world object did you find in the new debug menu?
  17. Update?
  18. Thanks, I Hate It
  19. Do you think it's possible to make a mod or something that changes back the packs, plumbob, loading screens and main page of TS4 after the update?
  20. Mobile makes 4 look pretty good.
  21. Sims4 Island Living Spawn points
  22. where tf is the sims no slider limit mods
  23. What do you hope to NOT see in Sims 5?
  24. Requesting Off the Grid (Base Game Only) Items
  25. Should The Sims 5 have mental illnesses?
  26. After EA's "Surprise Mechanics" debacle, will you continue to buy Sims DLCs?
  27. Jealousy trait or cc question.
  28. Could we finally have a competitor to The Sims? (Paralives)
  29. Items in NPCs' inventory
  30. Sim "Dies From Pufferfish" Repeatedly
  31. Parties and Weddings
  32. bugfix?
  33. Sims 4 Aspiration, Trait & Careers Requests for me to make!
  34. Question For Builders: How Do You Do It?
  35. Lot trait - Off the Grid, not all it should be
  36. How long does the tan/tanlines stay? TS4 IL
  37. Would Vampire to Burglar AI technically be possible?
  38. Island Living First Impression
  39. More Pride Items available on xordevoreaux.com
  40. My second impressions about The Sims 4
  41. What can I do if I find a mod that has an expansion requirement, but doesn't list it.
  42. Changing Sim interaction buffs
  43. Is there a mod for skill dislikes?
  44. A Question about Stuff Packs
  45. Fullscreen mode vs windowed fullscreen mode
  46. cas song
  47. TS4 updating
  48. What are the can't-live-without mods for Sims 4?
  49. Placing custom Sims as townies
  50. Most "Unique" Sims?
  51. General questions and also some WCIF stuff as well.
  52. The Gallery?
  53. For 7 days, The Sims 4 is free on origin.
  54. custom content updating
  55. the sims 4 ps4
  56. when will be the game be complete?
  57. Weird glitch with Strangerville
  58. Newsea Gone?
  59. Question!
  60. uhhh i dont think any of this is worth money (sims 4 paysite)
  61. How To Control Aging in Different Worlds?
  62. Mute trait TS4
  63. Im looking for eny one that can mod
  64. What do all the mccc mods really do?
  65. Is Strangerville decent as another hood?
  66. Wanna try out my new mod?
  67. Drama in the Sims 4
  68. sims file code
  69. fix is out
  70. Littlemssam
  71. Families don't do what they are supposed to do.
  72. Ways to make the sims 4 more fun
  73. Playing 4 Again
  74. Is there any way to change location of the front door of apartment home? etc.
  75. here
  76. What is your favorite custom trait?
  77. Anyone use newsea??
  78. Motive Whining/Motive Specific Mods...Sims/Pets
  79. Has anyone found a way to own retail in Granite Falls?
  80. New Spa and Resturant
  81. where can i find?
  82. Back to Sims 4 What Do I need to Know?
  83. Haven't played Sims 4 on Origin since October 2015
  84. Help with Custom Careers
  85. Do you like Let's Plays?
  86. [Need help] Editing Photo Shoot Studio to be Invisible
  87. NPC in Your Household
  88. trait mod
  89. halp pls
  90. Is Sims File Share down, or is it just me?
  91. Need more mods
  92. Is it possible to make sims 4 Build/Buy UI reach half of the screen
  93. Aside from the obvious, what are your favorite mods that give " some personality"?
  94. Make All Sims Custom
  95. What expansion packs make Sims 4 Fun?
  96. I'm late: Did simblrs get in trouble for base game conversions
  97. [Question] Native American Sims
  98. The year is 2022, EA has asked you to be the lead designer on TS5. What does your game look like?
  99. Coming back - advice needed
  100. Are these EA guys intentionally stupid or what?
  101. The Latest Patch and Lot Mods
  102. Getting famous discussion
  103. What do you wanna see a Sims spinoff of?
  104. UPDATE: 2/21/2019 - PC / Mac
  105. How to Download from TheSims.cc
  106. Immortality Becomes You Challenge
  107. Starting age
  108. The sims 4 gallery is kind've a screw up...
  109. Dazed...
  110. Sims 4 Sim's wont come into the buildings they stand outside
  111. Beginner beginner tutorial on making CC?
  112. MC Command Center default maximum homeless?
  113. Sims 4 Unlady like hair
  114. How to lower lag in sims 3
  115. SFS Maintenance
  116. Mask, face covers
  117. Origin problems, anyone?
  118. loverslab down (over 18s only answer pls)
  119. Sim gave birth to puppies - Massive bug (couldn’t post in help section via phone)
  120. HI! I need some help!
  121. How do I install CC on Sims 4 if I downloaded the game on a USB Flashdrive?
  122. Send a love letter in mailbox
  123. Mod Suggestion: School Uniform Mod
  124. Is the a mod for a extended sculpting tool??
  125. Doubt and frustration about queue
  126. Please Help! Last Exception :(
  127. Considering coming back to TS4 soon, what have I missed? What should I get?
  128. Sims 4 Detroit: Become Human Challenge??
  129. Question re Adding new house to tray folder
  130. Custom Houses question
  131. Creating a new Career path
  132. WHACK mods needed!
  133. Divorce Questions
  134. Can someone tell me which plants I'm missing?
  135. "Z" files?
  136. Forbidden Fruit Tree
  137. Leosims
  138. I need help with finding cc
  139. Quizás quisiste decir: botas góticas 14/5000 gothic boots
  140. Sim file Share Code
  141. Next expansion
  142. CAS Traits Discussion
  143. Big problem with stairs!!
  144. How to add relationship types from Parenthood GP?
  145. Different Mod sets
  146. Sims LOL to death
  147. Compatible Traits for Couples?
  148. Sims 4 Live Opera, Ballet, and Concerts
  149. help
  150. age in cas
  151. Baby Ariel Inspired Items to be added to The Sims 4
  152. Playing Sims 4 with no lag? Looking for your specs!
  153. Most fun Sims game to watch?
  154. sims 4 seasons or get famous give away
  155. #Were_Can_I_Find_This_Mod?
  156. Creating an Alternative to Simblr, Suggestions Please!
  157. Maybe A Dumb Question: Sharing Game Packs
  158. What are the little things that annoy you and the little things you love [In Game] ?
  159. Is there a way to keep debug objects from the gallery lots
  160. Tumblr's Imminent Implosion
  161. So, is "split level" broken now after we got terrain tools? (nevermind)
  162. +4 years after release...
  163. Can someone extract a sim's tray file from the gallery for me?
  164. What's going on with the prices (lots) ?
  165. What would you name her?
  166. An odd interaction
  167. UPDATE your MTS Profile - You might be missing something!
  168. Why is it that I cannot subscribe to new mods I have downloaded from here
  169. The fences have flashing lights on them
  170. Why Are My Sims In Outerwear?
  171. What NPCs do you want back?
  172. Can someone extract a sim's tray file from the gallery for me?
  173. request mod for sims 4
  174. So WHEN do you get children?
  175. best config for game to use your sims ingame and not generate townies?
  176. Early confirmations - Swaying Hair Clothes, Hair Growth, what happened?
  177. Is there a way to use this 2 mods together (Zombie mod + Extreme Violence)?
  178. Weirdest sim disappearance issue...
  179. Scroll Wheel Substitute
  180. New Update Caused Issues
  181. Can't Change Custom Hair or Eye Colors!
  182. Patch notes
  183. Sims 4 Reshade Realsims 0.5
  184. MC Command Center: How do I adjust what day the story progression is?
  185. New Patch Nov 13th
  186. General TS4 news (BG updates, development/management news, etc)
  187. Creatures in Sims 4!
  188. Lag! Gaaaaaaah!
  189. Cars in Sims4
  190. A Way to Shuffle Radio?
  191. Mac! Cc Disappearing After Update - Solved
  192. Do you have an idea for a hack/mod or vanilla gameplay concept?
  193. Rachel Franklin finally in the right job
  194. old cc disappeared, deleted it, new cc won't show up
  195. I need opinions....
  196. How add custom outfit to custom career ?
  197. I'm doing a community survey again
  198. Am I the only one having a hard time with the neighborhoods...
  199. More/New/Completely different Sims in the Neighborhood
  200. Sims 4 get famous expansion pack! What are your thoughts?
  201. Gods as a New Occult Type
  202. Get to Work: Restocking is still bugged. It's been 4 years.
  203. CC RAR files not working
  204. Playing Hooky Shouldn't Be So Lame
  205. Major Python update planned for November. ALL script mods need to be recompiled or will cease to function.
  206. Baby and Toddler Photo Contest for Sims 2, 3, and 4!
  207. Terrain tools
  208. mod to be able to buy garlic wall items through buymode?
  209. Story Progression mod?
  210. How do you access default animations in game...
  211. Which is better to play with main mods, Sims 3 or Sims 4?
  212. Vampire Recipes with Garlic?
  213. Maxis Beginning New Monthly Streams, Teasing Upcoming Content
  214. Custom TV Channels
  215. Should I buy TS4?
  216. Are any of the Stuff Packs worth it?
  217. Favorite things about Sims 4?
  218. Is Parenthood even worth it?
  219. Too many twins
  220. another day on the download tab
  221. why is ea so bad tho?
  222. Why is the build mode so restrictive?
  223. favorite mod/cc creator (s)?
  224. favorite mod?
  225. I am finally updating.. what can i expect?
  226. Does anyone know if Midnitetech will update her careers?
  227. Proposals being rejected each time
  228. do you keep original haircolors (&skin/eyecolor)
  229. Debug items
  230. It's now been 4 years since Sims 4 had been released.
  231. sale and the best dlc
  232. How many fans can it handle?
  233. How to upload mods?
  234. What happened to Judie (ALL ABOUT STYLE)?
  235. Things In Sims 4 That You Miss From Previous Installments
  236. Where do I post requests? Cannot post to "Sims 4 Where Can I Find..."
  237. How long are your lifespans?
  238. What do you guys think is the likelihood of EA lowering the Cats and Dogs price?
  239. I need a way to figure out what the name of things are in the package title.
  240. Loads of Slot mods??
  241. What is your favorite Simlish word or phrase?
  242. how do I go about organizing my CC in CAS?
  243. Simulation Lag Mod
  244. So I'm contemplating on making my own Mod...
  245. Change out of cold weather clothing indoors
  246. Would you recommend sims 4 cats and dogs?
  247. I got a Vampire-Alien hybrid?
  248. Is It Possible To Set A Sim's Days Til Age Up?
  249. Want to help me make a TS4 Challenge?
  250. Toddler timeout mod