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  1. Changing strings when a trait is present -- can someone tell me if this is viable?
  2. Creating a hibernation Pod mod! Need help with some errors/problems.
  3. STBL Change April 16, 2019
  4. tutorial on how to add career events to custom careers
  5. Deathnote
  6. needing help with a issue involving neias careers mod
  7. An Idea For Custom Trait
  8. Step by Step XML modding for sims 4?
  9. Can I control eyes movement?
  10. Is it pussibel?
  11. Aspiration Track help for beginner modder
  12. Zerbu Mod Constructor 4: Creating Socially Awkward Trait [HELP]
  13. [Need Help] Vampires Remastered
  14. Testing Help - Custom Career
  15. Tips for creating a mod
  16. Custom Books?
  17. Editing .bpi, .rmi, .sgi and .hhi files.
  18. (Help) Prefer eating at tables and not in beds
  19. custom content will not display in game
  20. Using ts4script to modify contents of package file resources
  21. Get to college suggestions
  22. simple Mod request is a thing?
  23. How would I create a custom skill?
  24. How i make recolor stand alone?
  25. How feasible is it to 'reskin' a world by replacing resources?
  26. Sims 3 or Sims 2 models in Sims 4
  27. More money for acting career
  28. Trying My Hands At My First CC
  29. How can I rename music channels?
  30. Tea-/Coffee Single Cups
  31. How could I set the value of every slider in CAS and choose face presets in one fell swoop?
  32. Anyway to set object use to specific genders?
  33. How to create after-school activities like scouting?
  34. More Dialogs via Module Tuning
  35. What are the limitations on what can and cannot be modded?
  36. need help creating a cryogenic pod
  37. Play custom animation by Python script?
  38. Help/Rquest: Custom Fighting Animation & Interaction
  39. Include data for the script to .package
  40. XML Injector
  41. Question about texture resolutions?
  42. Testers wanted: No random desk-cleaning
  43. Editing Client_CASModifierTuning files
  44. Is a gene splicing mod theoretically possible?
  45. Possibility of using an item to change skintones?
  46. Randomly select animation for tuning
  47. CAS Custom Trait Animation Question
  48. Notification Example Using Module Tuning
  49. Python dialog boxes with input
  50. How do i make custom needs
  51. sos for newbie.
  52. Assistance with Mod Constructor V4?? - Custom Traits Interacting
  53. Excluding certain moodlet to specific trait
  54. Does anyone know how to get an object to play a specific custom sound.
  55. Custom Career Keeps Crashing Game
  56. Mods I made. Can anyone help with asm?
  57. In-game function to get all sims in a save?
  58. Execute Python script every frame
  59. Does anyone know how to do gender based interactions.
  60. Noob script writer needing some pointers
  61. Looking for help with a python script
  62. Filtering a pie_menu_category by age?
  63. When are tuning mods loaded?
  64. Why am I not able to create custom interaction and action tunning?
  65. I'm trying to create a social interaction for my new sim trait with Zerbu's Mod Constructor V4, how do i!
  66. Need help with Custom Career!
  67. Newb here; not quite sure where to start for my project
  68. Social media followers...
  69. Inheritance Mod = Can any modders lend their knowledge
  70. Can buffs affect physique?
  71. Replace karaoke audio...
  72. Sim File Share
  73. 24-7 Restaurant
  74. pearbook
  75. Get to work career objects help
  76. Beginner Mod Construction V4
  77. Fixing the City Living NPC names bug
  78. Bouncer mod ? :p
  79. Need some help figuring out weather tuning file.
  80. employee efficiency mod
  81. Help with interactions
  82. How to decompile .package files in general? (Wii Sims Game)
  83. Road to Fame Attractiveness Problem
  84. How do you make custom foods and drinks?
  85. Need help with new mod tuning
  86. Sims 4 Studio In Game Rugs Not Showing Up. (Solved Kind Of.)
  87. New Military Career
  88. Beginner Mod Constructor V3 Questions!
  89. MUST READ - Python Script Modders
  90. Help with default easel painting replacement.
  91. A (Hopefully) Quick Question about Autonmous Tests
  92. Creating a custom mood and reaction to other sims.
  93. Resource Types and XML
  94. Turning sims into pollination technicians?
  95. 32 or 64 bit python? Does version matter?
  96. E0FF Compression Type?
  97. hashing algorithm for tdesc files
  98. Help with Custom Career - rewards and daily tasks
  99. Controlling All SIMS
  100. Custom Career Chance Cards
  101. Is there a mod that disables "Chance Cards"?
  102. Need help with modding XML and scripting information!
  103. Upload a s4 residential lot based on another modder's s3 lot
  104. I need help modding something, I have very little experience!
  105. Custom buff creation
  106. Is it possible to hire more retail employee (TS4) for a shop ?
  107. Adding a Trait to Club Requirements Selection (Scripted)
  108. Simulation Lag Mod
  109. Mod Idea: Pets get re-adopted by another household when put up for adoption/taken away
  110. Anyone willing to update the SuperSpeed Mod????
  111. Do you think it'd be possible to replace default walk styles or add new ones?
  112. Making a career for teens??
  113. Adding Interactions to Sims
  114. High Chair - Toddlers - Parenthood Pack-Help Needed
  115. Modding Venue Clothing Choices
  116. **Help Needed** Creating a trait using Zerbu's Mod Constructor
  117. Scripting: finding data
  118. Using the zombie mod and can't disrespect the dead on gravestones
  119. Add notification to "outcome"
  120. Plastic Surgery Mod
  121. How hard is it to make mods?
  122. Python: specifying a directory for an output file
  123. Sync Every Music Player With Venue Wall Speakers
  124. How Do I Add Custom Animation To A custom Interaton To a Custom Object?
  125. Script Override using an Injector - failed attempt - send help
  126. Detect moodlet in script
  127. Blind Challenge
  128. Adding Hidden Custom Trait
  129. Make certain actions/mods only applicable to certain traits?
  130. Are Macs incompatible with modding?
  131. Change the name of days of the week
  132. Package-Less XML Resources
  133. Please give me some direction!
  134. Need help translating mods ENG>FR?
  135. The Sims 4 how to add object functions
  136. How do i create a .ts4script ??? HELP ME PLEASE!!!
  137. Bar/Nightclub Bouncer?
  138. Mod that allows interaction with resized objects no matter how big they are?
  139. Custrom statistic, use as motive for interaction
  140. Tuning injection? for pregnancy
  141. "Take Pictures" Animation
  142. Increasing/Decreasing chance of fires etc.
  143. Adding new options to Parenthood Scenarios
  144. How can I change the autonomy of a trait?
  145. stay in summer mod change
  146. How can I change the video on custom arcade machines?
  147. Removing emotions from trait with Zerbu's Mod Constructor?
  148. sims 4 100 baby challenge question
  149. Extreme Weather Power Outage Mod?
  150. Solo club gathering
  151. need help tweaking Hates Children Trait
  152. Teleportation Mod
  153. How can I change the NPC's behaviour on holidays?
  154. Newbie, looking for specific tutes. Relationship interaction to enable Player trait
  155. Mod the Sims or Sexy Sims?
  156. How do I make custom Aspirations?
  157. Adding custom icons to traits
  158. Making my first mod... Individual Sim Bios .-.
  159. Adding custom interactions to traits
  160. autonomous watching TV
  161. Is it possible to extract save data?
  162. I'm confused about how data works in this game...
  163. Custom Trait using XML Tuning HELP
  164. Adding translation to an existing mod
  165. More units or floors in each apartment building mod
  166. How to create or change Mixer Interaction without any problems with animation or any problems at all?
  167. ISO "Work from home" career creator tutorial
  168. Modding:The Basics
  169. Help with Toddlers Sleeping in Any Bed
  170. Outfit change based on traits
  171. How to create easel painting replacements?
  172. New to scripting, need pointing in the right direction
  173. DBPF file format question..
  174. [SOLVED] Find Specific Interaction in Zerbu's Mod Constructor V2
  175. Jungle Adventure : Archaeology Club Activities. (ask.suggest.etc)
  176. Custom Career zip to ts4script file
  177. Remove buff.
  178. Create Custom Lot/Venue Type?
  179. Teleporter Couple Pose - Figure Won't Rotate In-Game
  180. Is there a mod to get the Peashooter for The Sims 3 Supernatural without having to buy the now non-existent Limited Edition?
  181. lastException err. with my custom trait help
  182. Career .ts4script
  183. How to set a filter for traits?
  184. Does anyone know if a new CAS category can be made and/or how to create one?
  185. Removing Ingredients Requirements from Custom Recipes
  186. For Rent Mod
  187. How are garden prices calculated
  188. Interactions for a trait
  189. How to remove Buffs w/Zerbu
  190. Getting Started with Mods?
  191. How to decompile Python compiled files, how to view them after that- what am I missing?
  192. Finding the right xml files
  193. Changing how fast Sims learn traits
  194. Request: Light reflecting from skin mod
  195. Painting XML Files
  196. Custom Career Tutorial?
  197. Creating a .package from xml, data, and stbl WITHOUT S4PE
  198. Aspiration help, losing progress on levels.
  199. Converting Pose Player poses into CAS Poses?
  200. Custom Career TS4Script (i.e. Python) Question
  201. Help With Zerbu Mod Constructor
  202. Adding a table name to sim data for simoleons?
  203. .PY file for custom aspiration
  204. Zerbu Modmaker Qs: Relationships and Adding Individual Names to Buffs?
  205. Tool or tutorial for making custom sliders?
  206. Custom Traits Unequiping After Leaving CAS
  207. Danny Phantom bootlegs
  208. Wall Up View/Roof Mod??
  209. Translation mods free (Polish)
  210. Is there a way to edit work income and/or money from selling items?
  211. Last Exception Errors
  212. DST Image: How to add... An image?
  213. Changing CasAnimation in XML file and adding conflicting traits
  214. Finding interaction for Roasted Fish
  215. Is there a XML Extractor for Mac?
  216. Can u make me a sim?
  217. Elderly Mod - Older people are not as portrayed in Sims!
  218. How to test whether sims are in a specific career in script
  219. Finding instance keys for presumably running interactions
  220. Is the HQ mod worth it?
  221. Trait Conflicts?
  222. Crush Mod
  223. HELP! Extracting XML from a package
  224. Cant find running interaction for digging?
  225. How to avoid other sims running the same interaction
  226. How to edit animation?
  227. Last Exception from Zerbu's Mod Constructor
  228. Size change in-game? (CAS columns)
  229. XML in Sims Mod Constructor V3.
  230. Simple command doesn't work
  231. Sims 4 debugging?
  232. Fairy MOD
  233. Custom Scripted Interaction not showing up Ingame
  234. Making new food?
  235. Help! Continuation does not work in supersocialinteraction
  236. HELP! Script mod to override pregnancy calculation.
  237. Clubseed tuning
  238. Difference between SocialMixerInteraction and SocialSuperInteraction?
  239. Please, help me!!
  240. First Crack At Mods, Gonna Go For The Gun.
  241. Create chance cards for new career
  242. Unlocking doors with handiness?
  243. Two Semi-Related Questions About Utilities
  244. Changing default option overrides in CAS for all genders
  245. help with converting sims 2 hair to sims 4
  246. Having Issisues Decompiling .pyo files
  247. sim_commands.pyo doesn't decompile
  248. Animal Shelter/Rescue mod
  249. I need a resource I couldn't find
  250. What does this mean I am new to modding