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  22. Drivable Cars!!! (If there isn't already if so I need to know)
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  24. i can't build worth a crap
  25. Help with the Floor Plan of my Antebellum Mansion aka The Haunted Mansion aka The Shipley-Lydecker House
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  35. Ceiling does not show?
  36. Texture Issue
  37. Steps
  38. Could someone test my lot?
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  40. Challenge of decorating useful objects (idea collecting)
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  42. Commercial furniture on a residential lot ?
  43. Upload a CC lot -- any methode to make it fast?
  44. How do I build a garage without a foundation ?
  45. Roofs are buggy, sometimes makes the rooms non-editable.
  46. Organising / Distributing lots as packages
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  50. Simply White by Meo
  51. find living place on the roof floor
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  54. cfe introduced in ts4
  55. Anyone getting a possible bug/glitch where room disappears on making a room
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  61. Is there a way to turn off INTERIOR GRIDS in build mode ?
  62. Info | Unable to move objects up and down with 9 and 0
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  64. Has the Library become write-only for "modded" lots?
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  66. Saving a room to the gallery
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  70. Roof section.
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  85. Short info: cfe "definitely on our radar", says EA
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  87. Building issues and questions.
  88. What's going on with the lighting when there are stairs ?!
  89. circle counters ?
  90. Is it possible to have more than 3 floors?
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  92. Building a mezzanine
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  97. To Build A Deck
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  100. Questions about building
  101. Missing Objects
  102. Info | 4th floors? (unverified)
  103. So, I guess we can't upload houses to MTS?
  104. Has anyone found the resource files for walls and floors?
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  106. Info | Pond object missing from debug; from EA Solved in 1.0.732.20
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