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  1. How to make hair shiny like a L'Oreal ad?
  2. Help with adding loot
  3. Adding Transparency Using GIMP and CAS Tools
  4. Adding Shine Using GIMP and CAS Tools (The Simple Way)
  5. Adding Glow Using GIMP and CAS Tools
  6. I'd like to update Zerbu's Go to School Mod to be able to study all skills online (for personal use only)
  7. Polycount guide - A guide for beginners and advanced creators!
  8. Decompiling python files
  9. Making a Cat Body Preset and Fur Preset with TS4 MorphMaker using EA Morphs and a Deformer Map
  10. Applying and Using Mods 101
  11. Making a CAS preset with TS4MorphMaker using a BGEO
  12. Making a CAS slider with TS4MorphMaker using a Deformer Map
  13. Tutorial - How to Replace Default Easel Paintings
  14. TUTORIAL - How to Recolour fast and easy (With tips&tricks!)
  15. TIPTORIAL - Level up your exterior and landscaping!
  16. Sharing Sims 4 Apartments
  17. Free Marvelous Designer tutorial on how to make a dynamic dress
  18. Tutorial for Neia's Online Create-a-Career Tool
  19. How to Create World Map Overrides
  20. Custom Career- How to change salary, ideal mood, working days and hours?
  21. How to translate your favorite Mod (sims 4 studio)
  22. My tutorials and modding tools
  23. Converting a TS3 hair to TS4 using CAS Tools, Milkshape, and GIMP, plus alpha mesh tricks
  24. Converting a TS3 dress to TS4 using CAS Tools, Milkshape, and GIMP
  25. Build/Buy Mode Thumbnails + Swatches
  26. How to add a custom string resource (STBL) to something
  27. How to create a custom(ised) catalog object
  28. Finding Maxis string and object IDs
  29. Editing the CLIP resource using s4pe
  30. Custom Harvestables: An overview
  31. How to translate an existing mod (STBL editing)
  32. How to apply the mod ceiling
  33. Custom Foods: An overview
  34. Anleitung für die introduktion von Glanz in die Sims 4 Kleidung durch bearbeiten von Specularbilder in GIMP 2.8.16
  35. Tutorial for introducing shine in Sims 4 clothing by editing specular images with GIMP 2.8.16
  36. Creating a custom skintone with TS4 Skininator
  37. Coloured Pool Water (manual cloning)
  38. TS4: How To Create TS4 Style Paintings [Photoshop]
  39. How to package a lot
  40. Extracting TS4 XML Using TS4 Combined XML Extractor
  41. TS4 CASTools: Flag edits (gender, randomness, categories, etc)
  42. TS4 CASTools: Recolouring
  43. Multi-channel image editing (RLES, shadows etc) with Paint.net and friends
  44. Default Replacement Skin Tones
  45. -- Change Game Language --
  46. Obsolete: Making objects design tool compliant without re-cloning (1.4.83)
  47. -- [Tutorial] Creating Custom Thumbnails For CAS Creations --
  48. How to add/reference bump and spec maps to walls/floors (s4pe)
  49. How to make the make up layer over skin overlays
  50. How to change age and gender flags in S4PE
  51. The Sims 4 Studio: Wall Tutorial Link
  52. Re-texturing in game objects (Texture overrides) with s4pe
  53. [Tutorial] Creating New Walls
  54. New WallEz Wall Making Tutorial
  55. How to remove a bumpmap/normalmap from a mesh using s4pe
  56. XML Tuning How-To
  57. Dutch spoken video tutorial: How to place images on clothing in The Sims 4
  58. Non-Default Terrain Paints
  59. Sort CC swatches how-to
  60. Non-Default Skin Tones
  61. Adding new GEOMs to a CAS part with s4pe & S4CASTools
  62. Making custom eyelashes/mascaras
  63. For absolute beginners with no clue: Making a simple script that gets the town's population.
  64. Make a mod that runs a function when the game is loaded!
  65. Making better use of the unpackedmod folder
  66. Proper working genetics for non default eyes - how to
  67. How to decompile PYOs from mods and Sims 4 core content
  68. So, this is cool - Custom icons and tool-tips for CAS thumbnails.
  69. Creating an item with its own thumbnail
  70. Script Modding: How to Access The Sims 4 Python Files
  71. TS4: Custom TV Channels
  72. How to change the simulation clock speed by changing maxis scripts
  73. Info | Sharing lots beyond the gallery
  74. Fixing the "Cloud Llama" swatch bug
  75. List of TS4 Tutorials
  76. Mini-Tutorial: Making a Mask
  77. Tutorial: "Split Level" (sunken rooms on foundation level)
  78. A list of tutorials for demo clothing with Color Magic
  79. Here's a pattern tutorial video for use with Caster tool maybe?
  80. PSD files for custom eyes + eye recolor tutorial!
  81. Package combining in TS4 Demo (recolors)
  82. Sharing sims without the Gallery: how to