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  1. Voice Effects for Sims.
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  5. Here is the Mermaid Mod translated to Brazilian Portuguese!
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  9. Any meshers want to coordiate for a special pet accesory?
  10. Random Trait Generator made by me. For to use with sims 4. Update!!--Update to 1.2v
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  13. Anxiety Disorder Trait
  14. Need Help, A.S.A.P.
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  17. Undertale!
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  19. First Post
  20. ParticipantType Enum
  21. Whim icon resource IDs
  22. Sensible rug thumbnail resources
  23. In-game music files TGI
  24. Tileable TS4 Wood Texture
  25. All Documents Folders?
  26. Codes
  27. Custom PhotoRec Sims 4 Package Signature
  28. Language codes for STBL
  29. Custom Outdoor Retreat Box and Disk Art
  30. Placement flags
  31. Best sites to find seamless patterns....
  32. Sims 4 Texture File Repository
  33. Maxis BasicWalls: PDN/DDS
  35. List of colour tags
  36. List of TS4 Resources
  37. Sim 4 Bones for Milkshape (Read "How to Use")
  38. Icon Resources
  39. "Strings_ENG_US.package" (and other language resources)
  40. Simlish Logo Resources
  41. CSV list of IDs, names, and tuning names and IDs of objects
  42. Extracted body skin textures and tgi's - Updated 9/2/16
  43. Protocol buffer (aka the game save format) reverse engineering