View Full Version : What does the Stack Object's person data 0x0018 (Job Data) flag do?

11th Feb 2006, 6:07 PM
I've posted this on MATY in Trogdor, but I figure maybe more people might see it here. I did a search on MTS2 and did not find any solid references to person data Job Data 0x18 flag. I did see Shy's post regarding the EdithWiki and Maxis documentation on Edith, which I will scour next. But I thought I'd try my luck anyway in case someone else has already come across this and knows more about it. Thanks.

I'm toying with a new hack and I've come across these lines below. What do they do? I did a primitive search through the rest of my disaSim2'd object.package and the only values I saw were 2, 3, 4 and 1 (Const 0x2007(Job Data Flags):0x0(1))?

4 seems to be set if a sim is moving out or at class in MajorGlobals (0x7F17E3A4) and being moved out by the InherstController (0x7F859641)?
It is also set in JobGlobals (0x7F8F4EB6) when warned/fired or out at work?
3 seems to be set/used as an intializer in PersonGlobals (0x7F01EC29)?
It is also set during labor pains by the Pregnancy Controller (0x7F1D0F49)??? when being moved in by the InheritController (0x7F859641)
It is also set in JobGlobals (0x7F8F4EB6) when offered a job
2 gets cleared as shown below... it also seems to be referenced by chance cards in JobDataSchoolGlobals (0x7FBE051B)
1 seems to be set with chance cards in JobGlobals (0x7F8F4EB6)

# Group = 0xFFFFFFFF, Instance = 0x1007
# Title = Set - Public School
# Format = 8007, Params = 1, Locals = 2
# Tree type = 0, Header flag = 0, Tree version = FFFF8009 (-32759)

0: Stack Object := 0; true: 1, false: error
1: Set to Next: object of type GUID 0xD06788B5 (0x7F647BAD: JobData - School - Public); true: 2, false: false
2: Local 0 := stack object's definition guid_1 - Read Only (0xE); true: 3, false: error
3: Local 1 := stack object's definition guid_2 - Read Only (0xF); true: 4, false: error
4: Stack Object := Param 0; true: 5, false: error
5: Verify - Person ID(Stack Object); true: 6, false: false
6: stack obj's person data School Object GUID 1 (0x6B) := Local 0; true: 7, false: error
7: stack obj's person data School Object GUID 2 (0x6C) := Local 1; true: 8, false: error
8: stack obj's person data Job Data (0x18) Clear Flag 2; true: 9, false: error
9: stack obj's person data Job Data (0x18) Set Flag 3; true: true, false: error

Is setting it the flag for 3 sort of initializing the "Job" in the sense that it is "active" where as 4 seems to either mean they are fired or "on the job/away at work" or something?

2 and 1 seem to be chance card related... so maybe I don't have to worry so much about those. But if anyone can elaborate for me, when is the proper time to set/clear these flags, and what might these values mean, in particular 3 and 4?


J. M. Pescado
11th Feb 2006, 7:20 PM
I know the flags variably signify things like "Does not need to go today" and various other factors, but not what they specifically signify. For instance, receive a promotion sets a "Does not need to go to work" so you don't get docked for being late or not showing up at all should the hours of your new job happen to still be running when you get home from your old job and promote into it. Not sure what all the others signify, though. You'd have to puzzle it out on your own.