View Full Version : WCIF Men's Military Vests as accessories

2nd Feb 2012, 4:34 AM
Namely I'm looking for a basic recolorable flack vest, preferably with pockets on the front, center front zipper, full back (not just straps and pockets) and perhaps with a collar. Something I can put over a variety of (fairly slim) shirts.


I have googled, scoured the Content List (wow, there was a surprising lack of military gear on there), and exhausted all of my resources, so I come to you for help! Please!

If you can find a vest like this attached to a (separately colored) shirt, even, I could settle for that. Beggars cannot be choosers, right? Even the Top Gun flight suit from the game with the top separated from the pants could, in a pinch, possibly work for me. I just...haven't found that.

I know men's clothes are hard to find. Any help at all is very much appreciated. Thanks!