View Full Version : WCIF a mod to stop babies from crying?

4th Feb 2012, 4:00 AM
It really irritates me that a baby crying basically knocks out all of the parent's interactions with said baby. Since my sims live in a tiny apartment, one sim not moving = nothing moving.
So, yeah. I don't mind the crying/moodlet and such, but don't want the animation or the parents waiting for it to stop crying and dropping all of their tasks.

Sorry if I'm confusing...

4th Feb 2012, 4:12 AM
Welcome to parenthood! :D

The simplest way is to install a mod, such as Master Controller, and use the "Max Motives" option on the baby, which raises them all to full, but allows them to gradually diminish again. ;) Click on baby, choose NRaas \ Master Controller \ Intermediate \ Max Motives

Hope this helps!

P.S. You could use testingcheatsenabled and Make Motives Static, but that would mean your Sims would be more likely to just stand around when you're not actively commanding them, which sounds like something you're trying to avoid.

4th Feb 2012, 4:42 AM
Unfortunately I know parenthood without being a parent myself, due to the fun of a very extended family in one city. >.<

I usually do just control the baby with testingcheats, or maxmotives, but I want to try to play without cheats. But every time I do, the baby pretty much stops me on my tracks by killing everything the parent is doing by crying at an inopportune moment, whilst diaper changes, for example. I think I may be being confusing: what I am saying is that I want a mod that will let the game proceed as normal, falling motives, etc, that just stops the baby from playing the crying animation and thus not letting the parent sim pick them up, and making my game irritating by making me queue the "change dirty diaper" at least four times before the baby actually stops the crying animation and lets the sim pick it up without just dropping and continuing.

TLDR: WCIF a mod to stop the baby crying animation? (the little in-crib dance it does when a motive is low, stopping the parents from doing anything about it.)