View Full Version : I need a Ninja this time

6th Feb 2012, 4:13 PM
Well, just one in particular.
And I am asking for the impossible, I am sure.

Snake Eyes.

My boyfriend was watching me play S3P and he said the game could use something and I asked him what and he said everything is better with a ninja and my mind went to Snake Eyes and I thought that would be so cool to have Snake Eyes.

If he is out there somewhere, I would much appreciate your help in finding him. Here are some pics for those of you who don't follow G.I. Joe or seen the movie:


Thank you!!!

6th Feb 2012, 6:08 PM
As you're aware, this is the "Where Can I Find?" forum, as in "Where can I find some content like this that someone has already made?". If you would prefer to request that someone make the content specially, see the "Creators who take requests" thread at the top of this forum. :)

And if you do want a WCIF thread - we'll need some pictures of what you're looking for, please. :)