View Full Version : WCIF: An Invisible Arch and Security Screen Door

9th Feb 2012, 3:07 AM
Hello! I'm looking for a couple of doors for a house I'm making. I'm not sure if there are any here, but I checked Google, Mod The Sims and even The Sims Resource. I found nothing similar.

As for the door, I'm looking for something similar to this: http://www.rainorshinemurrieta.com/images/security-doors/steel-master-security-screen-door.jpg This is exactly what I'm looking for - its called a security screen door - but anything similar or even a regular screen door would be helpful.

And the arch.... Well, I'm looking for an arch that you cant see, that basically just makes a cut-out. This is pretty stinking specific, so I do not expect any to acually be made, but.. What the heck. Why not try and find one?

Well, thanks to anyone who actually looks.



9th Feb 2012, 6:07 AM
I'd suggest you check out Luna's stuff at Sims 3 Lulamai ;) http://lunasimslulamai.jimdo.com/

If she doesn't have a door slightly similar to that one, then I don't know who does. I think the Store has some shabby chic/New Orleans type wrought iron stuff, like in the Hacienda set, but they don't have screens. And there's some here at MTS, but not like that one. I don't know. :cry:

And you mean you're looking for an Invisible/See Through Arch, yes? For all intents & purposes, you can't see it, but it's an arch? :lol: Yeah, me too--I need an invisible column as well. :( Tons of glassy ones, but nothing 'clear' I've found so far. :( Darn.