View Full Version : WCIF Specific blood splatter patterns

22nd Feb 2012, 2:22 PM
It's another thing I had but lost and can't locate -_-
I've got pictures this time though.
Mostly they were two bits as far as recolourable parts go, but a few were three.
There were a few of them in the set. They didn't have to be blood, they worked quite well as just sweat stains on old shirts too.

(On the under shirt in this one)

(And on the puffy vest of the zombie in this one)

Sadly those are the only pictures as I lost all old screenshots as well.
Any help would be appreciated. I searched for blood and trawled through the results on MS3 blog and the content list and couldn't find them. Heck, even googled 'sims 3 blood splatter pattern.' Found some good ones, but not these ones. And I really liked these.