View Full Version : (Solved) s4pe 0.2a not previewing dds ?

22nd Sep 2014, 2:20 PM
Hiya, I've just downloaded and ran the newest release of s4pe, (having checked manually despite my previous version telling me it was up to date when it wasnt), and have noticed it won't prevew DDS files at all. (UNKN). Not just the bump/spec that we already knew about, but the main texture and shadow dds wont preview either.

Instead, I get this message on all 4 UNKN's:

Error reading resource 0x3453CF95-0x80000000-0xEA0711B5896F4769 Front-end Distribution: 14-0920-48 Library Distribution: 14-0920-1413 Source: s4pi.WrapperDealer Assembly: s4pi.WrapperDealer, Version=1409.20.1413.16591, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null Could not find a resource handler ---- Stack trace: at s4pi.WrapperDealer.WrapperDealer.WrapperForType(String type, Int32 APIversion, Stream s) at s4pi.WrapperDealer.WrapperDealer.GetResource(Int32 APIversion, IPackage pkg, IResourceIndexEntry rie, Boolean AlwaysDefault) at S4PIDemoFE.MainForm.browserWidget1_SelectedResourceChanged(Object sender, ResourceChangedEventArgs e) ----

Was wondering if anyone else has had this issue?

EDIT: Scratch that. I unzipped with the built in zip with Win8 instead of 7zip. Sorted now.