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23rd Sep 2016, 9:39 AM
Well lets go to the point, I need to use this tool in order to make a custom career and I have a weird issue. After following all the steps to get this tool working:

>Extracted the XML files with the same tool as Zerbu says we must I got the XML folder with the typical sub-folders:
For example .../XML Files/BG/Achievements/S4_78559E9E_00000000_000000000001AE5C.xml

>Then extracted the DATA Files with S4PE, witch I put in the same folder ( I extracted all data files form simulationdeltabuild0.package and simulationfullbuild0.package from the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\The Sims 4\Data\Simulation ). The result names extracting with S4PE are like this one: S4_545AC67A_000A3610_5D54A77D74879D74%%+DATA.data What looks weird to my eyes but I think its ok

>Another thing I should mention is what when I put all those .data files in the same folder there are a much of them duplicated, i mean I extract for example the simulationfullbuild0.package .data files to the .../Data Files folder and then I do the same with the simulationdeltabuild0.package .data files and I have to replace many of them. At the end I have in the same folder exactly 7394 .data files

And the error Im getting is very simple, Im not getting anything. I open the tool, introduce the XML Folder, (not BG or some sub-folder, the real first folder in what we have the rest of sub-folders ....XML Files/BG/Achivements/....) and then the DATA Files folder in what I have 7394 .data files named like I said before. After this the tool is opened, I put my creator name, an existing output folder and the mod name. Then I go to Mod Manager or Browser / Clone Tool I select the type Career ( I already tested many other types and I got nothing too) all blank but Clone Depth 2 and I get no files, no XML Files no DATA Files. The tool is just not reading any XML or DATA file I think...

So do someone knows what is happening here?

Thanks for reading this long post and I must apologize for my bad english. Have a nice day guys.

25th Sep 2016, 12:04 PM
According to the last comment in the thread for this tool it apparently can only read one folder down, so I'd try opening the subfolder containing the XML files.


BTW: You're getting duplicate data files because deltabuild packages contain updated versions of resources in the fullbuild packages, along with new resources. Extract the fullbuilds first and deltabuilds last, replacing duplicates, and you should have the latest version of everything.