View Full Version : [NEW] FastDec for The Sims 4: Easy, Performance-Focused TS4 Python Decompiler

19th May 2017, 1:29 AM
Hey Guys!
I started this project some days ago. I was kind of new to The Sims 4 Modding and found really painful to setup unpyc3 on my computer, because of some errors related to my custom python build. So, I decided to start this.

Basically, it's a performance and ease-of-use focused The Sims 4 Python Code Decompiler, which wraps Adam's UnPyc3, along with the original one, with modifications for better performance and other related things.

--> Available Here (download) <-- (https://gabrieltk.github.io/FastDec-TS4/)

Current Features:

Command-Line Colored Prompts - No need to mess with ARGS or Edit Scripts
Optimized Code
MultiThreading Support
Emdedded Optimized Python (for the Decompiler), based on 3.5


Process Priority tweaking options
Config Files

:!!: NOTICE: This is in Strong Developement, so please comment here and report bugs on GitHub issues (click here to go there). (https://github.com/GabrielTK/FastDec-TS4/issues) .
Hope you Guys like it.
:rofl: If It helps, please mark as helpful and star on GitHub :rofl:
GabrielTK :bunny: