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Theme Catchup2018 - posted on 1st May 2018 at 1:50 PM

Ciem: The Human Centipede
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Description: Dozerfleet Productions presents... Ciem: The Human Centipede. This is an action drama superhero tale with serious subject matter, told in a story that intends to partially parody the Spider-Man movies among other things.


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Legal: Ciem, all related characters, and such, are property of Dozerfleet Productions. All stories, pop culture entities, and characters being parodied are the property of their respective owners. All game mods being used, usernames, game mod titles, and website titles remain the property of their respective owners. Dozerfleet Productions and all related graphics and logos remain the property of Dozerfleet Productions.
(C) 2007 Dozerfleet Productions.

This is the S2C version of the story in progress for 2 years by Dozerfleet. The DRS rating is 13-UP. While there is implied sexuality, stylized action violence, and blood, the story is considered mild. Reader discretion is still advised. This story has the approval of HystericalParoxysm for upload to this site.


CHAPTER 1: "What Secrets Lie"

It had been over 43 years since two faithful pioneers founded the city of Gerosha with their marriage in the forests outside Craterville. Stan and Shalia were very devout in their faith, and had made the lives of many better as they also encouraged many to think of where they were going in the hereafter. But now their children were growing up fast. The old ways had passed.

The world, in the passing generations, would quickly forget—even outright reject—what Stan and Shalia had gone to great lengths to prove. Exactly why defied all common sense, but it happened anyway.

In their day, they had seen what they were convinced must have been miracles. Little did they know that the greatest miracle of their legacy was the one they wouldn't live to see. Over 13 years had passed since their deaths.

Their adoptive daughter Erin was convinced it was her place in life to carry on Stan and Shalia's legacy. It grieved her to know that she was unable to find a suitable husband to help her do so. Lured by the deceptions of legalism though, her authoritative nature frequently frustrated her in her attempts to do the one thing she most wished to: love her sisters, and ensure that they were aware of it.

She did her best to try raising Shalia's triplets: Candice, Miriam, and Marina. But as the culture would move further and further away from everything the town of Gerosha was built around, even Gerosha itself would soon be corrupted. As much as the Flippo girls all tried to protect themselves from harmful influences, each one of them would find themselves succumbing to one temptation or another.

The children of the generations to follow Stan and Shalia had lost their way, and the Meethlite aliens would yet again capitalize on the resurgance of evil. They did some good, keeping the pedophile Kerpher Gang in check in Dirbine, but they did that mostly to secure power for their own mob.

In ancient times, the first century church had converted a slave named Zeras before he found the planet Metheel. Zeras, after Metheel's discovery, would forge the first civilizations there.

Yet, the modern Meethlites were mutated beings who cared only about their own greed. The Flippo family's faith and convictions only made them even more of a threat to them, so they joined with every opposed campaign they could.

Since Shalia Flippo stood for her convictions, and employed them to expose the Meethlites' tactics in the early days of the town of Gerosha; that made every child she had a target in their vengeful eyes.

Rumors abounded in the Meethlite camps. There was an oracle in their past on a scroll, with the word "lIPO" written on it. That same scroll warned of a centipede getting involved, but did not specify if that centipede and the "lIPO" were one and the same. Various cults interpreted it as a Centhuen Prototype, created to-spec by the rival Phaelite aliens.

This being would be born to a human family, and would possibly bring about the extinction of an entire dynasty of Meethlite imperialists. The politically-minded began to interpret that this had to mean that one of Shalia's children would rise up and become the alleged destroyer. That presented them with another problem: which one of Shalia's children was the real threat?

Candice Marie Flippo was the fifth-born child of Stan and Shalia Flippo. She clearly lacked the wisdom and insight of her mother, but was still considered wise and moral given that she exercised restraint in her life that was not common with her other sisters.

She often found herself defending them, even when she knew they were in the wrong. However, she usually refused to actually participate in their wrongdoings herself.

The sixth-born, her triplet sister Miriam Ann Flippo, had become her best friend; and was also raised under the adopted sister Erin Wyer-Flippo. The other triplet in the batch, Marina, had been involved in a scandal with paperboy Matthew Baret. Candi loved this sister very much as well, but agreed that it was best for Marina to marry Matt and move away, especially after witnessing how Erin was affected.

Candi lay peacefully on her bed one fateful night; the night before her entire world would be radically altered.

She could not have known the significance of this one night: the night before her innocence died. It would also be the last time she would see Miriam in years.

Candi had much to think about; namely, her big secret. She was not allowed by Erin to share this, not even with her own sisters. She missed Marina, and hoped that Marina's marriage to Matt would be a happy one. Candi knew they would have a boy named Andy, but feared her destiny would not allow her to relish the thought of being an aunt.

The rain outside was picking up heavily. Candi was fearful of what her future held. Normally, she would be sneaking outside to either visit with her secret boyfriend or to be training herself to use her special abilities. The rain plus the cold, however, made her prefer to stay indoors. She had little else to do that evening except be lost in thought that unseasonably cold day in August, so there is where she remained.

Miriam, by contrast; was always a reckless, restless adventurer of a soul who seldom took advice. The boredom of not being able to go outside with friends, combined with the incessance of the rain maddened her. She was the kind who would resort to what she knew best: her double life as the "Hacktress Extraordinaire..."

Miriam: "No! You ruckin' feetard!!! Port 18 is the security trap! I said 34! Slammit! No! Fine! I'm aborting mission! You're on your own, jailbird!"

Candi: "Regina's done it this time, I take it?"

Miriam: "Yeah. She never listens to me!

Candi: "My...where have I heard that before?"

Miriam: "I'm serious, Candi! You don't just go snooping around in Licnoz Pet Supply's database without a tour guide! I know her quest for knowing it all, but for cad sakes! There's ways to avoid getting caught!"

Candi: "You know, I'm so gonna laugh if you swear at her in Swahili next!"

Miriam: "If she continues to be this stupid, I just might!"

It was 8:30 in the evening, yet the phone rang. Nobody ever called Erin Flippo's house at that hour!

Miriam: "Ugh! That had better not be Jess harassing me about Phil again! How insensitive can one girl get?"

Candi: "Never mind, I'll get it!"

Hesitantly, Candi put the phone next to her ear.

Candi: "Uh...hello?"

Static. A menacing moan came from the other end, like someone struggling to say anything coherent. This voice, or whatever else it may have been, soon cut short. Candi paused for several seconds, waiting for a completed though. When none came, her nerves began to expend their confidence.

Candi: "You...there?"

voice: (cutting in-and-out) "Flllllliiiiiiiiiiipppppppoooooooo!!!! Is this....Flippo residence???"

Candi: (nervous) "Yes...wha..what do you want???"

The voice was one of the most chilling she'd ever heard! Whoever it was, they seemed to only want to know that they had reached the Flippo residence. Candi sensed that somehow, her answering that phone would have serious consequences. She hung up, trying hard to shake the discomfort of the moment by telling herself it was just a prank.

Part of her secret, her special sensation of a phantom scream, went off. Something dangerous was lurking about! But just this once, she chose to ignore her sensation.

Miriam: "Yaahh! Candi! Don't sneak up like that!"

Candi: "Off so soon? That's not like you."

Miriam: "Yeah, well, somehow, I just don't feel like a full night's work tonight."

Miriam: "So...who was our mysterious caller?"

Candi: "I...only wish I could tell you. Probably just some prankster."

Miriam: "Mysterious?"

Candi: "It wasn't Jess, if that's what you're afraid of."

Miriam: "Very true, very true. Kinda weird though. Nobody ever pranks us!"

Candi: "Do you think it's a sign of something bad?"

Miriam: "Bullocks! Candi, you are always so wrapped up in pondering signs, wonders, and things of the beyond! Maybe, sometimes, that beyond wants a vacation too! A prank is a prank!"

Candi: "I only wish I had your certainty."

Miriam: "Candi..."

Candi: "Yes?"

Miriam: "The real reason I'm so upset tonight..."

Candi: "I've spoken with Erin. She agrees she needs to treat you nicer."

Miriam: "No, it's not about that!"

Candi: "Then what?"

Miriam: "What is this 'big secret' that you're supposed to keep? It sounds exciting; but I can tell it's eating you! You have to hide it all the time; you never join me with my friends to events anymore; it's devouring your social life! Why does Erin want you to be such a hermit? I'm almost sure I've got it pinned; but it's starting to eat me too! I want answers!"

Candi: "I knew it would come back to that eventually. Erin promised me that before we move away, she'd tell me what's going on!"

Miriam: "I'm not a fool, Candi! Well...not about this anyway! You see things well before they happen; you never get sick; you heal a lot faster than I do, you can jump to tremendous heights..."

Candi: "Well, I..."

Miriam: "Don't be so modest! There should have been no way for you to find me back when I was eight and got trapped in the well! You...found me somehow! And that rope! What was that made of? Where'd you get it? Candi...I know why those Meethlites are after us!"

Candi: "Why they've been after us since we were young...since they caused us both to repeat first grade..."

Miriam: "Yes!"


This has been the first section of Chapter 1. If you liked this chapter, please read on. Don't forget to rate this story...your feedback benefits future entries in the franchise; as well as the wiki.

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Next: Chapter 1, Part 2
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