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The Flamingo of Dance
Date Posted: 24th Jul 2017 at 8:03 PM Views: 502
The Flamingo of Dance

Learn to dance, and have fun doing so! Use this whimsical flamingo to invite an instructor to teach Dance, Body and Creativity Skills, increase Fitness, Culture Interest, FreeTime Music & Dance Enthusiasm and grade points, while satisfying comfort, fun and social needs.

A full teaching session lasts about four hours and consists of lecture segments interleaved with dance practice. Students are instructed in modern dance ("Rave"), but if Bon voyage is installed, Hula and Slap dance lessons are also available by menu option. The lecture segments increase Creativity skill, and to a small degree the Dance skills as well. The dance segments increase Body, Dance and Fitness skills. If the teacher is an Island Local then no dress code is required, otherwise all those involved will wear Formal attire.

The Flamingo will produce its own music to accompany the dance practice, but if the player wishes to use some other source then the Flamingo music may be switched off. In a Bon Voyage Tropical vacation neighbourhood, the Flamingo will default to playing Surf Music, with Hula lessons taught by a female Island Local. In a Mountain Lakes neighbourhood, the instructor will default to a male bartender or maid teaching Slap Dance using the World Music genre. In any other neighbourhood, the Flamingo defaults to Rave lessons accompanied by basegame Salsa - but if Bon Voyage is available, Hula or Slap lessons with Surf or World Music may be selected if desired.

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