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It's gonna be late...
Date Posted: 18th Jan 2018 at 10:44 AM Views: 119
I have been working like BALLS to get this Chinese New Year (Year of the Dog) bedroom finished before I hit the road yet again. I have also been watching a lot of Supernatural and am channeling Bobby Singer. Anyway, I just made a decision, and it feels really, really good...

My CNY 2018 bedroom is gonna be late, and I'm okay with that.

My flight leaves in, like, 18 hours, and I have things to do. Laundry things. Packing. Calls to make. Eat and sleep may play a walk-on role if time and/or whimsy allows. But this bedroom set? It's not gonna happen. I've gone 98% of the recolours, actually, but then after that comes the listing and the writing and the screenshots for days and then oops I remembered I wanted to add this thing here and honestly I just can't. Stress level: Maxed.

Chinese New Year is gonna be well past before I get this set up, but given the choice between A) cramming and stressing and rushing and skipping and worrying and I already have a mad case of "Photoshop shoulder" as it is, and B) I'll get to it next month? Imma walk away from the bedroom before I lose my mind. Gotta go see family. Bedroom will happen when it happens.

(I'm pretending to be so chill about this, but in my head I'm straight up shrieking about not doing the thing in time.)
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