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New Creator Theme: Elders! - posted on 1st Sep 2018 at 11:43 AM
My teenage orphan sim just had twins.......

Date Posted: 31st Mar 2016 at 3:19 PM

Risky woohoo and inteen make for some interesting happenings.

So right now I'm playing Strangetown. PT9 died of old age not long after his wife Jenny got struck by lightning. Because both Johnny and Jill had grown up and moved out this meant that their youngest daughters, Julia (teen) and Jenna (child), had to live alone. Since Julia already had an (adult!) boyfriend even though she was just 3 days into being a teen I had him move in. They woohooed a couple of times that night to celebrate. I was focusing a lot on Jenna since she was only recently a child and I wanted to get her skills and grades up, so I wasn't really paying much attention to Julia and just letting her do her own thing, which was mostly sleeping tbh.

At 1am Julia woke up and started screaming. I thought at least her parents had left about 60k worth of inheritance money, so how hard could it be? So I watched as she was in labour and then it popped up.

There are TWO new babies on the way!

Oh frick.

So now she had 2 babies when she wasn't even halfway through the teen life stage. With her childhood best friend who was an adult. He'd also been flirting with one of the Davis brothers whom I graduated from university. The day before she gave birth her one true love~~ and the Davis guy began making out just as Julia entered the room. Of course, she was furious. So much so that I moved her now-ex boyfriend out as she was doing nothing but slapping him.

I've managed to raise the twins to children at this moment in time. The elder twin is a girl called Kyren and the younger twin is a boy called Kasen. Yes, I did choose really suburban sounding names for them on purpose. Kyren discovered from a very young age her love for tinkering and all things mechanical and Kasen is a sports fanatic who loves to play basketball and swim. Julia is finally an adult so she can go to work and as Jenna is a (super-genius!) teen now I don't have to hire a nanny~~ >

They don't have contact with their father, who has since shacked up in Sedona City (the custom downtown desert neighbourhood I made) with the Davis guy, whom he is engaged to. When I next load up their family they will be about to start their first day of school.

This family is hella cute tho
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