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MTS Speed-Building Challenge - posted on 17th Oct 2018 at 7:25 PM
Why is this happening? 7

Date Posted: 11th Oct 2018 at 1:13 AM

Haven't had any contact with anyone about this issue. Not sure if I'm muted. Still can't upload stuff.

At this point, I'm just documenting this to warn other users not to ever comment on anything or talk to the staff because you never know when someone is going to decide that what you said was offensive. Even if you didn't mean it to be offensive, it doesn't matter, because you don't have any power. Keep your head down and your mouth shut.
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Why is this happening? 6

Date Posted: 26th Sep 2018 at 1:35 AM

I'm pretty sure he muted me again, and I don't know why. Why do I feel like, if I ask him, he'll just mute me a third time? I mean, he sent me two messages, and I replied to both of them, I just didn't see the first one until after I replied to the second one. I can't imagine anything I said in either of those replies could warrant a muting. I'm sorry I come off as abrasive, it's not my intention, but punishing someone for something unknown to them is not a good way to handle a situation. I am sorry to any staff members who thought that my questioning "changes needed!" was argumentative, hostile, or seemed like I was trying to do things my own way. I really don't know how it came off that way, but I'm sorry, and I will try to choose my words more carefully. It's difficult due to my lacking of certain social skills, but I guess I could get my boyfriend to review my comments before I post them. I wish it didn't have to be that way.

I already apologized to the girl about her thinking I accused her of stealing, and she apologized for overreacting. Again, that alone is proof that I have not purposefully done anything wrong. I was not aware that my text could have been misconstrued to be harmful, as all of my intentions have been civil. This punishment I am receiving is incredibly unfair. I never meant to hurt anyone, why would I want to? I only ever defended myself when she blew up at me. next time i'll just report something like that. this kind of thing has never happened to me, NEVER has a forum treated me this way... all I try to do is be honest and kind, and yeah, if I have a question to ask, i'll ask it, because I thought we were allowed to.

my past comments and threads so no hostility or "misbehavior," so why would I suddenly morph into a completely different person and cause a bunch of drama? I don't want this, I never wanted this. I'm sorry I didn't know that my words came off in a bad way, I'm SORRY. I seriously don't know what else I can say. when he unmuted me, I didn't "misbehave," so why am I muted? why is there still an upload ban? why am I never told about getting a punishment or why? is there a language barrier I'm not aware of? I choose to behave as I should, so I don't understand why "misbehavior" is even a word being used. are they trying to get me to delete my account? how many times do I have to say sorry? how much do I have to beg for an explanation?? this whole thing is making me feel physically ill, I just want it to end. his refusal to communicate is so confusing. how hard is it to explain what someone did wrong? I understand that defending myself seems to have been misinterpreted as me losing my cool, as suggested by them message I got from staff, saying, "cool it!" but there's nothing in that reply suggesting I lost my temper or anything. I was calm, I've BEEN calm. I wish I had that "point of view" gun from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy so I could shoot anyone with it when they've taken something the wrong way.

ignoring something doesn't solve problems. when you unmuted me, I watched my steps extra carefully and made sure to be as civil as possible, walking on eggshells, as they call it. if I have been muted for a second time, there is obviously something I'm unintentionally doing wrong. how am I supposed to fix it if I don't know what it is? this requires communication. as the owner of the site, you should know that. if I said something wrong, I am sorry, but again, I don't know what it was unless you tell me. so PLEASE, for the love of god, can we just fix this? this is simply ridiculous.
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Why is this happening? 5

Date Posted: 19th Sep 2018 at 6:25 AM

The upload ban still hasn't been lifted, even though I explained my case much more calmly to the owner of the site. I have not even received a reply. There is no evidence suggesting I have been unreasonable or hostile toward anyone, only misunderstandings and bias. Have I been muted again? What for? Why are people choosing to read my text in a way that offends them? I always admit when I've done something wrong, but in this case, I am completely innocent, and yet I am being told to "stay calm" and "behave." When have I not? Aside from begging for help and expressing my distraught, I have not yelled, I have not called anyone crude names, I am non-threatening... you can't tell someone to "stay calm" when they've been calm when they respond to you. Are people so easily triggered these days that they don't know what hostility in text looks like? Well, I've given examples, are they just being ignored? Does explaining circumstance get ignored too? Does explaining intention get ignored? This isn't a huge deal, I didn't call someone a bad name and then say, "oops, it wasn't my intention to hurt them by calling them that!" This is, "I said something completely civil, and you decided to read in a way that would set you off." That's not my fault. It's the fault of the ones who decide to react with hostility instead of asking, "what did you mean by that?" And a long reply doesn't mean hostile, it doesn't mean I'm arguing, it means I'm trying to explain things as thoroughly as I can to help you understand because I desperately need you to see it from my point of view for my safety. You said I did something bad. You were wrong. I need to tell you that. You need to admit it. I explain things no matter what they are, whether it's about the evil or goodness in someone's heart to why you shouldn't eat any bread from the same loaf that has a slice with mold on it. I don't know if it's because I'm a writer, because I'm intelligent, or because my thoughts never stop. I also repeat myself a lot. These are things I can't turn off. All the same, they are not problems unless you choose to make it one. I've said this before, and I'll say it again: I have done nothing worth punishing. You have not explained to me what I've actually done, only given me assumptions. I didn't flame, I didn't harass, I didn't freak out at anyone, I. HAVE. DONE. NOTHING. An honest person would see honesty for what it is. Fun fact, when someone lies, they can't get their story straight. I have a HORRIBLE memory, if I chose to lie, I would never be able to remember any details I made up. I haven't lied to anyone in many years, by choice. For all I know, I'm a bad liar, probably because of the guilt. I am twenty-seven years old, not as mature as I would be if I hadn't been robbed of my childhood, but still, I am responsible, I am smart, I am honest, and I am kind. Not even my teenage self would've treated someone badly unprovoked, and my teenage self was a nightmare when it came to emotions, but still well behaved, a rule follower, the one in her group of friends that said, "we should use the crosswalk, jay walking is illegal," or, "maybe it's NOT a good idea to set that on fire." and I learned to distance myself from the people who didn't care about their own safety, or the feelings of others, or that damaging public property was WRONG, morally AND legally, and for all of the crap that I have been though in my life, I'm still here, I pay my bills, my student loans, I don't have to mooch off of family... people with backgrounds like mine usually drown in drugs and alcohol. My new psychiatrist said I was one of the most fascinating people she had ever met, which made me feel good, but then I remembered that I'm not allowed to have self esteem, or I would seem vain, even though many tests have shown I don't have any attributes of a narcissist, and that my self esteem is dangerously low, but how am I supposed to feel about myself when everyone seems to just HATE me for either no reason, or because they took something I said wrong?! I shouldn't have to tell my life story to explain why I can't speak properly, I should just be able to say, "I have speech and social development issues," and you should take that as an explanation as to why you read my text wrong. My best friend and boyfriend are accustomed to my less desirable idiosyncrasies, and so are people online who've spoken to me for many years. I don't enjoy it, I HATE it! I hate embarrassing myself! I'm sick of having to make fun of what I just said to cover up my embarrassment! And I'm sick and tired of people taking harmless things I say and warping them to mean something insulting! And you know what? There are other people JUST LIKE ME! There are people who are WORSE!! There are people who have backgrounds way worse than mine and can't speak at ALL! They're mute! I am not super woman, I am not some extraordinary being, I am just a human who was born into tragedy and has had to try and live through it. I'm just trying to live a morally sound and peaceful life, and it's amazingly difficult when someone wrongly accuses you of something and that person refuses to listen to you when you explain why they're wrong. This needs to go away. This shouldn't have been a thing at all. I am sorry you misunderstood me, I am sorry that I defended myself when someone was rude to me (something any human being would do), and I'm sorry that I have a few questions about things. however, it doesn't change that you are wrong, and I am innocent. A logical response would be an apology, a lift of all bans, and a removal of those warning points. I just don't understand how this can sit on your conscience and not be killing you. I love this website, I have never had a reason or urge to cause trouble, and no matter what happens, I will stand up for myself and my innocence until I die. I refuse to lie just to appease people who can't admit they are wrong, I will not tell you what you want to hear because you dislike me, and I will definitely stay far away from you if this gets resolved, so you won't have to worry about me and my annoying honesty. I shouldn't have to fear communicating with people on this site. The internet is my only means of speaking to other people because I can't socialize in person. I promise that, if I am ever rude or hostile toward someone, I will make it so obvious, you'll wonder how you misunderstood me before. I am not subtle, I am not sneaky, I am not passive aggressive. When I'm being mean, I'M MEAN, and if I'm mean on this site, there would be no warnings... my account would be completely banned. I am not joking. The fact that I have to explain that makes me frustrated... all I ever try to do is be nice to people. But it's like if I said, "have a nice day!" and you turned to glare at me and said, "DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!!" my hands are up, I am shocked, I am confused, and I feel bad. What did I do wrong? Ab-so-lute-ly no-thing.
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Why is this happening? 4

Date Posted: 9th Sep 2018 at 8:46 AM

I can communicate again, apparently, but I still can't upload... I replied to the owner of this site, who still thinks I am.... misbehaving on purpose? I don't know. I don't understand. I don't know what's going on. All that I know is that I'm so sick of this, it's been absolutely hell that I never deserved. All I ever wanted to do on this site was download cool things from people and share stuff I made too... this was never supposed to happen. My question is, how many other people have been driven away from this site in the same way?
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Why is this happening? 3

Date Posted: 30th Aug 2018 at 12:30 AM

then i left another comment on your item, trying to get you to see it:

I guess you didn't see my PM to you. I'm just going to state this so everyone can see: I NEVER ACCUSED YOU OF ANYTHING. that comment was not a negative one. I got in trouble because of the misunderstanding, and I am very hurt and upset by it. the fact is, I never accused you of stealing, nothing in my comment says, "did you steal this?" if I were the type of person to accuse you, I would've just outright said it. in my PM, I tried to apologize to you and ask you to help me understand why you took it that way so that there could be peace. it would be nice to have this settled, as it was not supposed to turn out this way in the first place. I don't deserve to be punished for something I never did.

the fact that no one is listening to me is upsetting. i'm sure my punishment for this has passed by now, but that's not the issue. it's the fact that i got punished in the first place for something i never did just because something was read wrong somehow. what the staff member said to me makes me enraged, but the fact that you won't help settle this has me incredibly depressed. please reply to me through my main account, as i only made this one to try and reach out to you. if i seem like i'm being rude or something, i'm not meaning to. like i said, i don't know how anything i said could be taken that way. if i wanted to be rude, i'd make it very obvious.

Luckily, she responded, so now I have PROOF that I did nothing wrong. Here was her response:

I'm sorry if I upset you, I really am, but your comment very abrupt and has no exclamation to it, like hey I saw the same downloads at so and so place or fun minds think alike. I may have over reacted a bit, I work in a majority male CAD profession and believe me, they think that because I'm a girl, I get away with everything. I constantly have to defend myself there and on the net because women are not taken seriously. People think the world is not sexist, but it is. I have to work twice as hard as the men just to be noticed. I started to make Sims CC so I can enjoy CAD again. I actually got the mesh and DDS from TSR workshop where anyone can remake the items with little effort. Again I am sorry for misunderstanding you, I'm sure if you talked to one of the mediators, you can get this wrapped up. Oh by the way, I never saw your response, sorry, I guess I was too late. I hope this clears up a few things for you.

SHE NEVER SAW MY RESPONSE. That's when I got suspicious. So I decided to try and find my threads on my main account using the littlekarabear account.... THEY WERE NOT THERE. I had someone message me telling me they couldn't download my stuff. Well, they were right. I can see everything just fine on my Reitanna account, so I had no idea this was happening, especially since no one told me it was going to happen. Not only that, but I STILL can't upload anything.

I am at my whit's end. I have NEVER been treated like this on a forum, and I've found myself crying over it multiple times because of how much stress it's causing me. I should not have been punished. In fact, my comment wasn't even inviting a reply. It was just an innocent comment with no negative connotation. This was never supposed to happen. Because of Julia's misunderstanding, I have a warning on my account, I have been harassed by the site owner, I have been unjustly punished, and I am being prevented from setting things straight. I'm glad that I was able to clear things up with Julia, but she is not an administrator. This is not just unfair, this is just morally not right. The fact that the owner of the site treated me in such a way makes me sick to my stomach simply because he refused to listen to my side of the story, as if he had some sort of vendetta against me in the first place.

But it wasn't just this; he also accused me of harassing staff members when I got "changes must be made" responses to my uploads, accusing me of starting arguments and thinking "rules were beneath me." Everything he said was like a slap in the face, because I could not even logically piece together any of this to get to his conclusion. I had no idea what he was talking about. I've only ever asked about why certain changes needed to be made, and also mentioned how unreasonable some requirements are on TWO separate occasions. I have NEVER harassed the staff, I have always been civil, and if they misunderstood my tone, I'm sorry, I don't know how else I could have worded it. I don't know how to speak to people, and it's something I cannot control, or will ever be able to.

I've never wanted to be unkind to anyone on the forum. I was only trying to defend myself. I wasn't flaming, I didn't use hate language, and this has escalated to one of the most stressful things I've had to deal with this year. This should not be happening, and it should have NEVER escalated to this. I've never been any kind of trouble maker, not even when I was a kid. I STRIVED for good grades, and I was that friend who always said to the group, "uh, maybe we shouldn't do that, we'll get in trouble." You know, the "party pooper." The way I speak to people has garnered MANY misunderstandings, but nothing like this. This unnecessary hostility from the site owner, these punishments that I don't deserve, these punishments that were not made aware to me... I just don't understand why it's happening, and I am so upset. I just need SOMEONE reasonable to help me settle this! Today, I spent HOURS searching for a way to contact the site without using the site, and I was lucky to find this email address hidden in a missing page or something, and I pray that it's still in use. I know I can't make another account to contact you guys because it will be seen as ban evading, and I don't want to risk losing my main account even though, AGAIN, my intentions are good.

Just please, someone help me.
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Why is this happening? 2

Date Posted: 30th Aug 2018 at 12:30 AM

He said some other incredibly hurtful things as well, and refused to listen to me every time I tried to explain myself. I even asked him to quote where I accused Julia (fire2icewitch) of stealing multiple times, and he never did. He said I was hostile toward staff, which I was not. He say I was "acting like [I] did nothing wrong," and I DIDN'T. And most of all, I NEVER, EVER ACCUSED JULIA OF STEALING ANYTHING. He punished me by banning me from uploading content for fourteen days, which has already passed by now. I tried to message Julia, no response. I left another comment, no response. I tried messaging another administrator, no response. It was eating me alive, because I am not a liar by choice, I'm not mean to people unless they are mean first, and I wanted to SPEAK with the owner of the site, not be bullied and have my side ignored. He treated me like a child. I am twenty-seven years old. I mentioned that, due to some issues with mental disability, I had problems speaking to people, and personally could not (and still can't) understand how my comment was taken the way it was. He accused me of using mental illness as an excuse to be rude.

Well, after weeks of no responses from anyone, I finally just made a second account to message Julia, and sent this:

sent you a PM through my main account, but you must've blocked me, so i'm re-sending it here. please read all of it (it's long), the subject reads, "i never accused you of stealing."

listen, I've been warned by the staff for being rude, and they think I accused you of stealing. I tried to reply to you to explain how it hurt that you jumped on me like that, but they deleted it and called it "unnecessary." I hate being accused of something I didn't do, so I'm going to try, AGAIN, to settle it.

I personally am extremely confused as to how you or the staff could read my comment and think I was accusing you of stealing. I never said that. when I saw your reply jumping down my throat, I was very hurt, confused, and had to reread what I wrote to try and figure out how it could've been taken that way. I felt insulted, and I wanted an apology. the staff has even suspended me from uploading for fourteen days because of this, but I did nothing wrong.

that comment was not, in any way, negative. if you managed to read my reply before it was deleted, I explained that, even if I HAD accused you, I would have no right in doing so. if you HAD stolen it (which I never said you did), there's literally nothing anyone can do about it. in fact, you could take, say, my plant couch and re-upload it, and it's not against EA's rules. it's just common courtesy not to re-upload stuff, even when credit is given. I'd be happy to share my information about EA's/Maxis' terms regarding CC, I did a LOT of research some time ago for an entirely different reason.

so, knowing this, knowing that everyone's CC is free game, why would I care if you DID steal it? still, that's besides the point, because I never accused you of stealing in the first place. I would personally like you to help me understand how my comment could've been taken that way. should I have posted it as a thanks post? it wasn't technically a thank you, but I don't know.

"wow, I'm shocked... I've had these exact same functional vending machines for almost a year" has no indication of being an accusation. I'm sorry, I just thought it was funny to literally see the same thing in a completely different place than where I got mine. it just made me chuckle a bit. the fact that I'm being punished for something I never did is very upsetting, and it's been stressing me out so badly, I am literally scared that they'll just outright ban me just for trying to explain myself. I was even told this:

"Your post on that thread that you got the warning for was quite rude towards the creator - thats why it was deleted and warned. You acted like they stole the items, and when they defended themselves by pointing out that they made it themselves, you basically jumped down their throat. That is not acceptable from anybody, ever. You are posting like this being very defensive and essentially acting like you have done nothing wrong, and in turn accusing the staff here of being harsh, attacking you, and basically very hostile to us when we are simply trying to help you and make sure the forums are a nice place to be."

but I can't understand where the heck they are getting that from. I was never rude to you, I never acted like you stole something, and I wasn't the one jumping down any throats. you misunderstood, jumped down MY throat, insulted me, and I tried to defend myself. this whole situation has me on the verge of tears because I would NEVER accuse someone of stealing to their face... screen... whatever... I'd bring it up to the staff to get THEIR verdict, because what if I'm wrong? then I was an ass for no reason. but if I HAD accused you of stealing, I would've said, "dude, you stole this" or something. I just want this to be fixed, I want this misunderstanding to be cleared, I don't deserve to be harassed by the staff for something I didn't do.

I was never trying to be rude, hostile, unkind to you in any way. my comment was supposed to be positive. did it need an emoji or something? would that have changed anything? I don't know how this escalated to THIS. I'm sorry you misunderstood somehow, but you could've just asked me what I meant instead of jumping the gun. honestly, what I want is an apology and for the staff to understand the situation. for all I know, messaging you will probably be misconstrued as harassment too... I don't just go up to people and say something unkind, I am only unkind to people who are unkind first, and from my point of view, it looks like you responded meanly to an innocent comment. in fact, the possibility of you stealing this idea never even crossed my mind. I don't know what I could've possibly done differently, but I'm desperate to clear this up because it's so upsetting to have someone in authority telling me I was flaming someone when it's clear that I wasn't. I'm sorry this message is so long, I just want you to understand that I would never say something mean to you unless you tried to start something. one of my morals is, "never throw the first stone," meaning, never be the one to start the fight.

now that I've attempted to help you understand my side, please help me understand yours. we've both been offended by something that was never offensive. I just don't want to leave this until it's resolved.
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Why is this happening? 1

Date Posted: 30th Aug 2018 at 12:28 AM

I am in desperate need of assistance, but no message I send can be seen, nor can any of my threads or comments. I even made a second account called littlekarabear and used it to try and seek help (I know you're not supposed to have two accounts, but I was only using it to message someone to clear up a misunderstanding, and then used it to start a thread about this, I was never going to use it to upload stuff). I had one reply, but then someone deleted the second account and put the thread onto my main account, thus, making it unseen. I'm going to explain everything I can, so PLEASE read it and help me out with this issue, like I said, I'm desperate.

It all started with an innocent comment I left on a piece of CC by fire2icewitch. the comment said, "wow, I'm shocked... I've had these exact same functional vending machines for almost a year." Unfortunately, she misunderstood what I meant and accused me of accusing her of stealing the vending machines she made. She was very rude, and it hurt my feelings, so I defended myself and told her that she was wrong, that I was hurt, and felt like I wasn't allowed to comment because of her jumping down my throat. I don't remember the exact message, because it was deleted, and I was given a warning for "flaming." It was not flaming, I reacted as anyone would if they were rude. The owner of the site started harassing me, and told me this:

"Your post on that thread that you got the warning for was quite rude towards the creator - thats why it was deleted and warned. You acted like they stole the items, and when they defended themselves by pointing out that they made it themselves, you basically jumped down their throat. That is not acceptable from anybody, ever. You are posting like this being very defensive and essentially acting like you have done nothing wrong, and in turn accusing the staff here of being harsh, attacking you, and basically very hostile to us when we are simply trying to help you and make sure the forums are a nice place to be."
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I'm tired of people jumping down my throat

Date Posted: 9th Jun 2018 at 11:20 PM

It feels like, when I say something harmless, not even negative, people flip out. To put it simply, imagine this: You bade farewell to someone and tell them to have a good day. They stop, look at you with an expression of hatred, and say, "don't tell me what to do!" That's what this feels like.

What's more, when I'm accused of being rude or hostile, I try to explain why they're wrong and explain how I meant it, but they STILL act like I did something wrong. It's like they don't believe me. Um... so... I'm lying?? What for? There's no benefit to that, I mean, people don't just LIE like that, do they? Maybe children do.

But if I say I wasn't being rude or whatever they think, there's no reason to not believe me. I said it, therefore it's true. I think I know me better than anyone else does. I say what I mean, and I mean what I say, if you assume otherwise, that's your fault, not mine. But you can't just ignore me giving you the facts.

I don't hide, I don't have ulterior motives, I don't PRETEND. It's so frustrating to be punished for something that was taken the wrong way, especially when you can't see how on EARTH it could've been taken that way.

And I am allowed to vent my feelings.
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People on the S4S Forums...

Date Posted: 22nd Nov 2017 at 12:24 AM

Is it just me who has found that moderators on the Sims4Studio forums are really rude? It's really surprising, honestly... orangemittens is the worst of them. She doesn't let people explain something if she doesn't like it, and she threatens to close your account if you keep trying to have a civil conversation with her.

One time, I asked a question because people were converting TS3 stuff to TS4. I posted a thread asking how you convert stuff from packs to base game. One of the mods accused me of trying to commit piracy, and I asked him how. Then my thread was deleted, and OM messaged me, saying that, if I argued with moderators again, I'd be banned from the forum. When I tried to explain that I was not interested in pirating, and I really wanted to know why it was considered it, she kept giving me the same spiel; we do not discuss piracy on this forum. Attempting to make a new thread to talk about it will get your account deleted. She repeated this like three times! I was frustrated, but I stated that my question was honest, and I really did want to know the answer. She finally did, saying if you don't have the pack, then converting stuff from it to base game is stealing game content. When I thanked her for giving me the answer, she threatened me again, telling me not to discuss piracy. I'm sitting here in my head, "I HEARD YOU THE FIRST F***ING TIME YOU [insult to intelligence]!!" I once again assured her that I am an honest person, and that she didn't need to remind me so many times. Isn't converting content from a previous Sims game piracy too? Someone converts it, offers it up for download, and people download it even if they don't own the game it's from?

I was new to creating CC, so naturally, I was on that forum to ask questions. It seemed all of my questions ticked OM off, because all of her replies were passive aggressive. I acted as though they weren't. After some time, I asked a question about getting a script failed message whenever I tried to place certain CC lights or mirrors. I got no answers for a few days, and then I see that OM deleted the thread for being in the wrong category. Okay...? Well, I've been on numerous forums, and when something isn't in the right category, the moderators move it. They do it here on MTS as well. I posted a new thread in what I hoped was the right category, asking my question again, though I mentioned that the previous thread had been deleted instead of moved like it should've been. Out of nowhere, I get someone who says, "I think you meant to say, 'the kind and hardworking moderators of this site [can't remember the rest].'" I get another person giving me another rude reply, and I simply said, "this has nothing to do with my question, is there anyone who can help me with the script failed errors?" A moderator just said, "I've no idea, I've never heard of that error," but others kept chewing me out for mentioning the previous thread was deleted instead of moved! I didn't want to argue, so I said the reason I mentioned it was because, if this new one was in the wrong category, I'd appreciate being told which category it belongs to instead of having to try and remember everything I wrote to explain the problem I was having. They wouldn't let it go. Even OM left a reply saying that the moderators "weren't my maid there to clean up after me." WOAH. WHAT?! She had written a huge paragraph belittling me, and said a bunch of things that I honestly didn't know where it came from! It's like when a man tells his wife he doesn't want kids just yet, and she goes, "what, am I not attractive enough for you? Do you want some younger chick or something?" It's like, seriously, WTF? I explained that most forums move threads that are accidentally placed in the wrong category into the right one. I then decided to only respond to people answering my question, but no one got a chance, because OM deleted that thread too, and sent me a PM, accusing me of deliberately causing drama and arguing about things that had nothing to do with the thread. I was clearly trying to end the argument, pressing on my question. It was other people, including another moderator (brujuh I believe) starting drama that I desperately tried to avoid. I also told her that she aided in furthering the argument, when all I wanted was to get an answer about my in-game error... all of a sudden, my account was deleted.

I was blown away, and EXTREMELY upset, sitting here and wondering wtf I did wrong! I made a second account to try and message her, asking why my account was removed, but for some reason, I couldn't find the button to PM her. All I intended to do was try to figure out what I did wrong, but then she IP banned me, and now I can't even see the forum. I found her account here on MTS to try and message her, wanting to sort things out like adults, but either she doesn't come here anymore, or she ignored my message. Either way, I just sat at my computer, crying, thinking, "you are a B****!!" It was almost like she wanted to start something. That's not something a moderator should do! The only way I can see the S4S forums now is by using Tor, a proxy that hides my IP address so I can at least read the threads. However, I cannot make an account because Tor won't let me get passed the CAPTCHA, so I can no longer receive help with this program, having to rely on other means, which make things incredibly difficult.

And you know what really makes it better? I later found in the batch fixes an option that says, "fix tuning for lights and mirrors." I ran it, AND IT FIXED THE PROBLEM. The damn moderators told me they had no idea what the problem was, and yet they had a batch fix for it the entire time. Now my paranoia was telling me, "they did it on purpose, they did it because they hated you, they wanted you gone..." I'm the type of person who believes you should never start a fight. If someone starts something, they are inviting you to fight back. Well, even though OM was inviting me into a fight for no reason, I continued to be civil, even going so far as to walk on eggshells because she seemed extremely sensitive. Either that or she just liked to abuse her power as a moderator. Who knows who else she's done this to. Her replies to other users weren't exactly nice either.

So, if anyone is even reading this, and you use S4S or plan to, be careful on the forums, because orangemittens is VERY MEAN. I'd be careful of brujuh too, since he was so quick to exacerbate the conflict that shouldn't have even been there. It only started because of that first snide comment, and like sheep, they all started doing the exact same thing. They didn't even try to clear up any misunderstandings! They should've asked, "what did you mean by this?" Even asking, "did you mean this in a rude way?" would be fine, because then you can explain what you meant to assure them you were not meaning to be rude! I mean, come on! What is wrong with people?!
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