Existential Beauty Deletions

Date Posted: 21st Apr 2018 at 11:23 PM

As you may have noticed, my sets have been deleted. There are some changes required of all of them that no one noticed or mods ignored up until now.
One of the changes is the download type. This change can not be made after an upload. I tried, doesn't work. So, you have to delete it; then, re-upload the whole set.
I am very concerned and frustrated by this, and am very sorry if anyone is affected by these deletions. The products are not faulty. The verbiage is needing some tweaking as well as some added verbiage.
I am waiting for a reply from the moderator who saw this "error" to clarify what is needing to be done. I hope to have it completed before the 7 days are up. Otherwise, I lose my bypass queue privileges and have to start the process over again.
I had over 10,000 downloads and counting. I just hope I haven't lost any fans along the way.

You can download ALL of the sets at my website:



You can download the sets that are available at TSR NOT all 31 sets are available there. I have submitted a lot though just waiting on their moderators to approve and publish them.

My minisite at TSR is:


I wanted to take the time to let everyone know what the issue is. Don't worry all package files are fine. All items uploaded are fine.
Why this is being done now is beyond me. I have been uploading weekly for a good three months now. I had minor changes a long the way, and I managed to correct them, but this is really stumping me. I had 16 sets of the same items, but different images were used, and now of all times one major change has to be made on all of the sets (except for the walls) by deleting them and re-uploading them and to have it completed within 7 days. OMGoodness! This is just frustrating and it hurts.
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Things on my mind

Date Posted: 20th Apr 2018 at 11:59 PM

With all of the creativeness going on in my mind, I find myself with another migraine. This has been happening frequently because I just can't stop the slippery slope of thinking, "OMGoodness, what if it turns out to be sucky-suck-suck!" I do not want to ever upload something that doesn't work or look good.
I am still working on the birdcage photo frame. It's a brand new mesh. I haven't seen anyone create it before. As a newbie to meshing, but not creating--just recolors--there is nothing to lean on. Everything is done from what little bit of information I have to go on from video tuts. There are very few people in the community willing to mentor someone that is new. I really wish there was that kind of program in Simland for newbies. I would say about a month or three months after obtaining a mentor--depending on how well the apprentice is doing--you receive a new newbie. This would be helpful because the newbie has someone who is dependable and has the knowledge to help you out whenever you are stuck. Forums are great and all, but not everyone answers the questions that people have. The mods and other creators pick and choose what they want to answer which leaves so many others be silent.
Aren't we here to learn as well?
But life is life, and we all have free will. So, I guess for now, I will do what I can to get this mesh complete. I just hope it works the way it needs to and it accomplishes the desired affect--bringing a unique object into the game (even if it is just a photo frame to put on your wall).
If anyone has any images that they would like to see on canvas or in a photo frame, hit me up. I will see what I can do. Just know, not all images will work in every ea frame. I have about 500 images of photo frames--walls and tabletop. There are some that are going to be more tedious than others. They will take the longest amount of time. I haven't started the tabletop ones. Don't even know where to begin on those. I might have to use the EA meshes and then add the embellishments and/or change the way they look.
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