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Default Final Results
First of all...
I would like to thank everyone who has entered this competition, even those of you who pulled out. You have all done such a great job.

And our Judges Lifeslover and LipGlossChaos. You two done such a great job judging. We couldn't have done this without you!!!

The Emergancy judges too, to being there to support us when needed!!!

Last of all to lil'B who made this whole contest and making the bonus rounds!!!! *love*

Now for the final scores.....

Through out this contest, you have proven to wow us all with your talent - this win was a no brainer!!! Congratulations!!

: Athena Liu Mei Hua by SIMS GOD
Creativity 70/80 18 Average
Unique 29/40 7 Average
beauty 34/40 8 Average
adherence 38/40 10 Average
Total 171/200
Bonus Round 10+15+15 -211
-Ah, Final Fantasy X- one of my favorite games. In reality, though, I don't think it's all that fantasy minded. It doesn't feel like she is Yuna, it feels like she's playing as Yuna, like a cos-play, not a fantasy creature.
-I absolutely adored your sim right from the very beginining! Another beautiful entry however the blonde hair and black eyebrows not sure whether that goes or not Ahaaa!
-This is absolutly amazing, just like everything you have done in this contest. It has been a great journey!!
-Wow! A fantastic job on both entries. Your backgrounds are absolutely fantastic, your poses are interesting to look at, and your model is gorgeous.

Competition total: 734

You also have been an awesome competitor right through this contest. *love*

: Argariss Maugá by falloutchild
Creativity 58/80 14.5 Average
Unique 29/40 7 Average
beauty 30/40 7.5 Average
adherence 38/40 10 Average
Total 155/200
Bonus - 10+15 180
-I don't really get what she's supposed to be. The Angel, yeah, okay, I get that, but I don't get the other one: or rather, I don't think you pulled it off.
-Awwwww! She is so adorable whether that was what your were aiming for or not. Another gorgeous contribution to the contest! I'm disliking the hair but never mind, still FAB.
-She is another one close to my heart *love* Amazing job!!
-Your free shots are excellent. I was a bit disappointed with the head and body shots- you could have been more creative. But good job!

Competition total: 705

You my friend, have come such a long way from the first too rounds!!! I had to give you a little award for most improved, just for the fact that in the end you really come out of your shell and produced the most amazing pictures!!!!

: Xi Mei Walker by vhanster
Creativity 66/80 16.5 Average
Unique 22/40 7 Average
beauty 23/40 7 Average
adherence 28/40 10 Average
Total 139/200
Bonus - 10 + 15 - 164
-She's very intricately done, although I think part of you was relying on the photoshoping for your ethereal/fantasy quality, instead of your Sim.
-Nice entry however the amount of facial decoration was a bit much for me it was distracting from her gorgeous face!
-I love what you have done with her, and I can tell the difference between the photoshopping and the actual sim herself. Great Job.
-Your submission was mysterious and strangely beautiful, as always. Your clothing choices were fantastic.
Bonus: A little boring on the head and profile shots, but your frees were great.

Competition total: 639

Even though you have the lowest score, you have been constantly given us the most amazing pictures. The talent is most certainly there, and hopefully our comments have shown you what you can do better to achieve!!! *muah*

: Alexandra Olsen by malfoya
Creativity 64/80 16 Average
Unique 34/40 8 Average
beauty 29/40 7 Average
adherence 38/40 10 Average
Total 165/200
Bonus -
-I don't really think the settings go along with your creature.
-WOW! Your sim has changed so much and definitely for the good she looks so elegant and beautiful even though she was a snake monster Ahaa! I'm not a big fan of the fire outfit but all in all my favourite out of your rounds so far!
- I love how you tried to do something different, that no one else would have thought of. Yes it is strange, but that makes it that much better.
-Your submission was freakish, twisted, and strange- perfect for the fantasy round! Your creativity is endless and your shots are well placed. Excellent job in the whole contest!

Competition total: 617

And I would just like to take this time to thank each and every one of you, who participated, who judged and who just followed in general!!!

xx *muah*

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