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#194 Old 17th Apr 2012 at 12:43 AM
I did some tests to see what each of the layers on the ramp does, and I came up with an admittedly pretty crappily labeled ramp. Some things I am not sure about, and could probably think of better descriptions for some of them, but it's a start at least

I did notice that things like the colour of haze which is reflected on the water is different in 2 directions, with one layer each, and I think that is the same for clouds too, so you can have gray clouds in one direction and pink clouds in the other if you want. Its all very customisable, and I loved seeing what tiny tweaks made a big difference in the look.

Working with the colour ramps has been much much easier for me, possibly because working with colour in general is easier for me than with hex or RGB numbers etc.

And here is a little video of my partly cloudy colour ramp in action

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