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Default Blood Red - Chapter 2
I think I saved all my pics on a lower setting by accident, they all seem lower quality than usual (not that it's particularly high to start with) and I didn't notice until I saw them all big and stretched out on this post. If I get time I'll try to redo some of the worst ones D:

Previously: Jada Greene is a young and eager guard of the city’s Inner Circle defences. Her father is the city governor and Commander-in-Chief of military assets. Jada’s job is to defend against the Reds who are banned from the city and are “hated and reviled for countless reasons”, which are not yet explained though Jada describes them as, “awful creatures, prone to violence and fits of insanity” and, “un-educated savages”. She later laments their impending doom at her father’s orders saying, “they’re still technically human beings.” Jada thinks she’s tough and couldn’t wait to put her training to use by catching her first Red but on the night of the first heavy fire on the Reds she freezes. Worse still, upon meeting her first wild red she’s caught off guard when he seems to know about an envelope she’d been sent that indicated she was somehow related to a Red (she’d passed it off as a prank by her co-workers). Instead of capturing the Red she acts on instinct and saves him but is caught in the cross-fire and shot by her patrol partner, Ray.

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