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Default Blood Red - Chapter 3
Jada Greene is the daughter of the Governor and also a member of the guard force employed to keep the Reds subdued and out of the city. When her father declares war on the Reds he sends out teams to strike the suspected Red camps. Jada, however is involved in a shooting incident that resulted in her waking up in hospital days later. She is horrified to discover she’s been taken to a makeshift Red hospital, deep within enemy territory. Her “captors” claim that they had to take her there to save her life but she’s convinced it was intentional kidnap, and that they’re trying to recruit her to their cause which seems to be to over-throw the government. After making it obvious that her loyalties lie with her father and her city her “captors” Olivia (who says she’s not red but counts reds among her family) and Rurik agree to let her go. Just as she’s ready to leave, Olivia plays to Jada’s curious side, indicating that she knows more about Jada than she’s let on.

Also, just as a reminder, GI = Genome Interrogator (the proximity detection device used to determine if someone has the red gene or not).

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