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Kylara, having been adopted in a blood ritual by Lord Alfric, was dragged back in time to recover the Crown of the Master before her professor, who is apparently not human, could use her class to disarm the traps around it. When they arrived, he dug up some "expendable" clothing for her to wear, and then gave her a flower and some jewelry which he said would mark her as his apprentice, and taught her a pass phrase and countersign. Just as they were leaving, he told her that someone was coming and then vanished.

Current Events: What did you use this chapter? Finding Judas, Kidnapped,
Previous Events: Makeover, Time Travel
Word Count: 1696
CC Used: Allowed: Legend Isles Lyonesse world by Sookielee, Euphoria Skin by Fawkes, ear sliders by Cmar

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