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Default Ala: Move Heaven and Earth
Previously – We found out that Ala is a Demon that can't keep tabs on her natural instinct , Lottie is a bubbly Guardian and can shape shift, sworn to protect Ala from.... stuff.. Ala and Verne had been bonded together a while back and had a child, but had to give him up. The Vampire Queen is out for Ala's blood. Ooops. The poor girl can't catch a break.

Music for your ears

Current Plot Point: Move heaven and earth, Family secrets.
Previous Plot Points: The cake was a lie. Mind Over Matter.
Picture Count: 10
Word Count:1383
CC Used: yes Allowed: no.

Baka's Hawell Island. Half of the Avendale clan.... Some Harris tribe, some..... star legacy sims, and some others?
CC from everywhere.... don't ask it was a rough night lol

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