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Previously on: After confronting the diabolical "Company", Suzanna Trench has indeed liberated her friend Bram Adams, but has also put herself way in over her head. Now, now only is there a secret plot to be had, her old friend is back to harp about her fashion sense. Good thing that Valentina Victor is also an informant or else our hero wouldn't be able to stand her long enough to hear what she has to say.

Current Plot Points: Finding Judas, Meet Cute.
Previous Plot Points: The Cake was a Lie, Move Heaven and Earth.
Word Count: 1,634
Custom Content: You would be hard pressed to find something allowed...

NOTE: The exert from the previous chapter (which is located above the first picture) is not included in the word count (which I managed to nail! Who knew cleaning up sloppy sentence structure could knock so many words off?