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After a few hours, I present my entry to the contest.

Groundwork Round 1 - Levini's application
Name: Spirit of painted rope - A loft for the nautical artist
This home is set up in a mix of Nautical chic, shabby chic, colonial and southern style with a smooth simple color scheme consisting of light airy nautical tones set off with an artistic and personalized touch throughout the home. The home is a one bedroom loft with a balcony for just watching the stars at night, or to gain inspiration for that next dramatic painting. Contains an adorable display garden bound to make the neighbors jealous at your artistic talent and green thumb. This is the destination for any artistic rebels who want a light and airy place to call home.

Required Shots


Main Floor


Display Garden

Living Room

Foyer area (From the living room, contains a view of the kitchen)

Kitchen/Dining area

Outdoor Patio

Outdoor Service area
Part 1

Part 2

Bed Space

CC Credits (Will provide links to free items in question.)
Around the Sims 3 (No pay content used)
Holy Simoly (No pay content used)
Hysterical Paroxsysm
TS3 Store

What kind of Sim loves like this?