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An elixir consignment store for Monte Vista, Alessandro's Elixirs is a tiny old world shop and garden that provides the town's witches, warlocks and alchemy scholars with all of their needed supplies and tools. Clientele can park their bikes, cars or brooms in the provided spaces outside, or they can simply arrive by LLAMA. One side patio has a fountain and a moondial, while the other has a crystal ball, and picnic tables for those waiting for their fortunes to be read. The back garden provides some of the goods for sale-- it contains an variety of mushrooms, herbs and other ingredients, as well as three hives for honey. The exterior is designed to fit in with the local architecture, while still having a bit of supernatural flair, like the owl perched on the porch post, the crystal ball finial, and the striped shutters.

Inside, a shopkeeper watches over an assortment of jars, bottles, wands and boxes, as well as some scarves, masks, jewelry and knick knacks used in local supernatural rituals. There is a magic mirror for advice and conversation, as well as a gem cutter for those who don't have room for one at home. Upstairs is a small bathroom and some additional merchandise, plus an alchemy station and books for research.