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Default Round 1 Submission - Garden Siesta
This is my first contest submission. I hope I'm posting this right.

Round 1 Submission - Garden Siesta

This fully furnished, one bedroom, one bath, Southwest Adobe styled home features a well decorated pool area and a romantic potted garden ripe with Tomatoes, Garlic, Peppers, Ghost Chillies, and Limes. Everything you need for salsa and margaritas!

Game Version:
Built on a 30 x 20 Residential Lot
Furnished Cost: 73,635
Unfurnished: 44,176

Uses content from World Adventures, Ambitions, Night Life, Generations, Outdoor Living Stuff, Pets, Seasons, Supernatural, Island Paradise, and requires store content from the Haute Hacienda Kitchen and Dining Room Compilation and the Al Fresco Street Market .

Optional Images:

Required Images: