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Default Artist's cottage
I took the inspiration for this house from a cottage in the village my son goes to school in. I'm seeing a house that's been changed over the years, has some original features (the fireplace, the fruit trees randomly scattered about the garden showing at some point in the past it was used for much needed food production. But now it's lived in by my building test Sim, Laurence Llywellyn-Bowen, an artist. (She'd like to become an architect but due to my amazing cruelty in only letting her live in empty worlds, it's not going to happen.) So the house has been modified to make it more modern, walls knocked down for the open plan ground floor, the original winding stairs widened...

Anyway, photos - probably too many!

Front elevation by day

Left elevation by day, showing sculpting area and vegetable patch

Rear elevation by day

Right elevation by day, showing car port and pond

Overhead shot by day - the garden had more fruits in before Bambi the deer ate some overnight!

Front elevation by night to show lighting

Rear elevation by night to show lighting

Floor plans - foundation to show not changed

Ground floor - porch, opening onto open plan living/dining/kitchen area, u shaped stairs to the right, bathroom under the stairs.

First floor - double bedroom, artist's studio with computer for research and working (if I let her get a job), showing stairs and open area above part of the kitchen

Attic to show again the shape wasn't changed

Laurence showing the stairs are fully routable

Laurence showing open area behind her

And relaxing on Leisure day (no pool party for her!)

I know I used the foundation at my front for a porch and I'm sorry if that breaks the rules, please tell me nicely . I haven't changed the foundation at all for it and kept trying different ways of having the stairs for getting into the house, but it just didn't look right.

Two pieces of CC used - Lisen801's awesome sliding door, into the bathroom; and DasMatze2's superb corner shower that's actually accessible from the corner. Both found on Mod The Sims. All other content from EA (to the best of my knowledge, if something is there from another creator, my apologies for not crediting them, and my suspicion that it came from a lot I downloaded so I didn't realise I had it to credit them).

Edited to say, I refused to look through the thread till I'd finished my lot & uploaded the pictures, and now I think mine looks rubbish - there are so many great lots here!