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Default Round 1: Still Loved
Hopefully after my break from TS3 my building 'skills' haven't, uh, gotten too much worse than they were beforehand. Honestly though, it's been great fun getting back into TS3, so thanks for this competition Q.


Back Story: 'Still Loved' is a unique home, in that the older it gets the more beloved it is. For years after it was abandoned by its original owners as a holiday home, community members fought to keep the house maintained and looking pristine. The house was such a beautiful sight in the neighbourhood, that, well, how could they have just let it rot in its abandonment? And thus, people spared what they could to keep the furnishings and decorations as up-kept as they possibly could. Gardeners gave up their time to prune the overgrowth and tidy the plants. As time continued to pass, the interior thrived from the effort put into it, but the exterior walls and architecture continued to deteriorate.
And now it finds itself in its current state. Very recently bought out by a rich investor from overseas as their own little holiday home, how will the community react? And what will change under the new control of the overseas investor?

(Just a bit of fun. :P).

And onto the pictures.

Built with just Base Game and Ambitions. Playtested to make sure that the stairs and a few other places were accessible. I'd also like to point out that I haven't used any CC or Store Content.
Uh, hopefully I haven't left anything out - so I look forward to the future rounds.