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*Insert overly interesting intro here*

Susana recently inherited this amazing house from her great aunt, her mother was awfully jealous and disinherited her so she started wearing suits so the photos her dear mother sees of her make her look terribly rich and successful. The cars were her great uncles pride and joy but now they are just another pawn in Susana’s game to win back her rightful inheritance. Her story may follow as I have no motorbike currently to keep me entertained. I took a simple country theme, I tried not to do too much landscaping as I wanted the focus to be on the house.

Now for some gorgeous floor plans

Some fancy extra shots to make it look better

Custom content used- I am not sure so please if you wish to do so criticize me and tell me what I should of credited (I do know I used the Sugary sweet sit poses by Eternila (That better be your name (If not why did you put it in the pose list thing by the pose name ;D)))