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Default Round 1 - Modern Bliss
Here are the required shots for round one. I poked around at the foundation for awhile and came up with two possible houses for this. It took another day to decide which one I wanted to enter. So far, it seems everybody is going big, big, big with this foundation. I decided smaller, simpler might be the key for me.

Here we have some extra pics of the interior and exterior. The house has been play-tested for a about a sim week and surprisingly everything is accessible. The only trouble you'll note in the screenies is the lack of trash can and mailbox. Lovely little glitch that replacing the lot fixed.

The world is fairly small, something I threw together in CAW just for building so not a lot of scenery beyond the lot. Not much CC used here.

The Sims 3 Store
Lisa86's Glass Tiles
Plasticbox's Simple Kitchen
DasMatze2's Corner Shower - Missed this piece when I posted.