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Default Summer Breeze
There are so many great entries so far that it makes me nervous to post!

Here goes nothing...

Entry name: Summer Breeze

Thanks for this! I was super bored and came across your post and it’s been really a fun process.

What I was going for was a summer home theme. I wanted it bright, airy and open. I had some fun with it and this is what came out. I hope you find it as it was intended to be.

Good luck everyone!

Edit Note: Since "Q" ok'd the ability to edit as long as judging has not begun, I replaced the pics with grids to ones without grids per suggestion by AdonisPluto. My mind works in a different way than most and I actually thought the grids would help with the judging in regards to verifying the integrity of the foundation and placements of overhangs. I did not take into account the possibility of difficulty with judging the "aesthetic" portions with the grids in place, although it should have been obvious!

Also added cc credit which I had overlooked previously.