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Contest! Whee! So, for something different from me, I present...

Serho Concept Cottage Model #46

Famed designer Kal Serho created this lovely "concept" cottage for the '61 Bridgeport Expo. Working against an irregular foundation, Serho adhered to his love of basic shapes, building up to a simple, sleek, single peaked roof. On the exterior, beige stone and stucco are wondrously paired with tiles in soft teal, framed with dark brown wood trim, topped with matching shingles. Underneath soaring beams in a rainbow of colors, the interior spaces are decorated with muted primaries against neutrals. The living areas are grounded by two massive stone fireplaces. A sunken garage compliments the one bedroom, one bath cottage.

Edit note: I might have inadvertently bent an answered question, but that limitation was not listed in the rules as I understood them. The path to the garage lowers the terrain next to the foundation, but the height of the foundation is still four steps above "street level". Sorry if that is an issue. :/

'Nother edit: I fixed the pics, my image host was resizing them strangely.