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Default Sonate to pink bushes

I decided to take part on this contest just to see if I could still build stuff, and ended up building a tribute/sonate to HP's pink bushes.

I'm not so much of a story-teller, so I'm just going to let the pictures speak for themselves.The pictures may speak for themselves, but I still added some info about the lot with them as well. Word of warning though, I kinda went overboard with the pictures, so there is a TON of them. :D

The house is not a model home, I wanted to create something that would look like someone actually lived there. All though, I think my sims are a lot neater bunch than I am.

The lot has been playtested with two sims living there for a couple of sim days. All of the stuff is accessible, unless I managed to forget to test some of them.
The foundation has not been altered, for any other but color and covering.
The lot was built using Only EP/SP content, my own terrain paints, and a couple of carefully selected mods that deserve recognizing. Big thanks for these mods for their creators!
Buzzler - Builder stuff. Needless to say this is a must have!
HP - LN camera mod, and of course the altered plants of which the pink flowers and tamed aspens are from.
Granthes - Curtain adjustment
Velocitygrass - Stencil removal mod


Qbie, thanksies for hosting yet another fun foundation contest! And darn you for not allowing to alter the height of the foundation for even landscapy purposes! :P
Everyone with entries, great job you all!
Everyone else, go on, take part, drown Qbie to entries since he wanted more than the last time! :D

Happy simming,