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Default Dissoudre le Béton
Wehee! First post and its a contest entry!

Just realised I've made a bit of an assumption with this, the building does have overhangs, but they don't fall outside the footprint of the foundation - hope this is ok!

No town, city or village has ever become immune to bad architecture.

In Europe, the period of time after WWII was a time of a monumental shift in architecture; where mass housing was suddenly needed, cheap and quickly. Innovations in materials, structure and society gave birth to the above architecture, béton brut raw concrete) also known as Brutalism.
The dream and the vision was to create vertical cities in the sky never quite worked, and the concrete slabs soon fell into disrepair.

Fortunately, this tower block was rescued, and redesigned to produce a luxury house for the modern 2.5 Sim family,

This is Dissoudre le Béton (The dissolving of the concrete)