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Actually took time to see all the wonderful entries so far and I must say this contest is in a world of its own. Same floor plan, but different designs. Thats really wonderful and I have to say well done to all.

Apart from this, I saw that some of the entries had the images taken with the build grid line showing. Having the screen shots taken with the grid line does not really do justice to the images that are taken and it sure covers some details. I do think going this way will give the judges a hard time judging the scores for the entries. I believe that this is not a hard thing to do in case of a next time.

From the images with the grid lines, I am meant to believe that they where taken while in build mode with the capture key (C). The easy way out if you are taking the images while in build mode is to click on the terrain tools in the build mode and this will disable the grid lines. As long as you are on the terrain tools, the grid lines will be hidden while you take your screen shots until you exit out of the terrain tools. I hope this is helpful