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Default Round 1: Standpretty Cottage
So many awesome entries! Well, here's mine. (Sorry for the long text! I got carried away I guess, lol.)

Standpretty Cottage

Built in the quaint suburbs of Cottonwood Hills, Standpretty Cottage has not always been so well cared for. For over fifty years, the property housed the town’s most mysterious resident, a man by the name of Archibald Schmittendorf. The reclusive curmudgeon rarely ventured out of the cottage, only surfacing once in a long while to feed the neighborhood’s large population of stray cats and yell at any local children who dared to walk across his unkempt front lawn, but despite keeping a low profile the secretive old man often found himself the target of wild and outrageous rumors about his seemingly dark past. However, upon his death, the entire neighborhood took in a collective gasp when it was discovered that Mr. Schmittendorf had bequeathed the ramshackle cottage to his previously unheard of granddaughter, a young woman who lived in a small town less than an hour away.

Lisbeth Rosalie was just as surprised by the inheritance as anyone, but following her recent divorce she seized upon the gift as a sign. Packing up her two young daughters, she loaded her precious few belongings into a small SUV and moved into the rundown old house sight unseen. One year later, the place is now thriving under her careful touch, and after spending countless hours fixing up the small cottage she has really turned the house into her home.

This lot has been thoroughly play tested, and everything routes fine.

Thanks for the fun contest, Q! Can't wait to see what you throw at us next round.