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Default Witzenhausen Tudor
So I thought I was not going to participate in this contest. Not sure of the reason why. Maybe I was too busy and had no time, or I was just plan too lazy. But having seen so many lovely houses I just realized that I have no excuse staying away because it has become just too tempting to ignore. So I said to myself there was no problem giving it a go. So after nearly 11 hours building and destroying, I finally came out with this as my entry house. So I present my own entry house into the contest. I call it Witzenhausen Tudor.

With the long hours spent in building this, I guess my brain is just too steady to think properly. And so I honestly do not know how to describe the house but I guess I will allow the pictures to describe it for me and where necessary, I will offer some information. The house is intended for 2 Sims preferably a newly married couple. I humbly ask for forgiveness in advance for the amount of pictures shown.

The house contains the following
Living room
Dining (With Island counter for 2)
Laundry room
I bedroom with double bed
BBQ area
Swimming Pool
1 and half bathroom