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Test Subject
Old 28th Jul 2013 at 12:57 AM
Here is my entry, it was built in the Pounawea world by Awesims. I have a lot of store content and all of the EPs and SPs.

The required images:

1. Front view

2. Rear view

3. Foundation floor plan

4. 1st floor plan

5. 2nd floor plan

6. Attic floor plan

7. Roof floor plan

Extra images:
1. Entryway

2. Living room

3. Study

4. Dining room

5. Laundry room

6. Kitchen

7. Upstairs landing

8. Girl's bedroom

9. Bathroom

10. Boy's room one

11. Boy's room two

12. Parent's room

13. Balcony

14. Assorted extra shots