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Default Middle Of Nowhere
QBUILDERZ, thank you for the challenge.

I know I'll be losing points for not using split level stairs, but I liked this floorplan and didn't want CFE to warp the dirty brick pattern. Only hope I did the roof correctly.

Middle Of Nowhere
Set in Lucky Palms on the now dry lake bed sits a solitary house. Constantly beaten by harsh winds and burned by the sun, the home contuines to stand unbroken by it's foes. Perfect home for someone who doesn't wish to be disturbed by in-laws, psycho-ex's and meddlesome neighbours.
The home is in great condition just needs a new coat of paint, some weeding and a good dusting off!

CC Used
Curtain Height Adjustment by granthes
Remove stencils by velocitygrass
Column by eryt96
Shutters by angela